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Why you’re here.

Chances are you are reading this not because you are broke or struggling financially but because you seek to improve yourself, your future, or the future for your family.  You are a disciplined person, and most likely you will disagree because disciplined people don’t think they are disciplined: we always feel like there’s infinite room for improvement.  Sometimes accused of being perfectionists, you and I will always be striving for something more.

Learning and researching how to become financially secure does not mean one is a greedy person, that they worship money, nor does it mean a person treasures worldly items more than their own family or values.  It is important to recognize that a certain amount of monetary generation and investment is required to thrive and live freely in today’s modern civilization.

Most people do not like thinking and will avoid job positions or opportunities that require extensive “thinking” even if it offers a higher reward (monetary or incentive) at the same rate of work.  With very few exceptions, the jobs that pay the most are the ones that require the most mental thought processing.  “Thinkers” get paid more than “workers”.  Just look at a military pay scale, in addition to other incentives, commissioned officers easily make two to three times as much as enlisted personnel with the same amount of time in service. 

Most people grow up being trained to rely on “thinkers” and technology.  It starts with video games, television, and videos replacing creative childhood activities such as building forts outside, imaginary battles, and reading.  Also consider:

- reliance on calculators

- reliance of GPS for navigation - though a requirement of basic training, most active duty military have no idea how truly to use a map and compass.  If this offends you, it is because you just graduated MCT (the second installment of military brainwashing and pride-steroids mandatory for all enlisted Marines.) If you are still convinced three months of practicing ceremonial formations and one month of camping has turned you into Rambo…then I can only advise that you do not try slaying the dragon located on top of the mountain in the recruiting commercial as the ceremonial NCO sword is not actually sharp and performing sword manual may impress the dragon but will surely get you killed.

- use of electronic media or the internet to procrastinate from doing “thinking” tasks like homework or getting started on a project.

Not only do people avoid “thinking” but they will gladly pay others to do it for them.  Let’s not forget the billions of dollars wasted each year on useless and usually dangerous weight loss drugs, supplements, and health/exercise equipment that does not work or is completely unnecessary.  A healthy diet and moderate exercise is sufficient to maintain a competitive athletic lifestyle, but it is easier to believe that a made-up laboratory has a miracle pill that will have you looking like the steroid-injected, photoshop-enhanced muscle freak on the label.  You weren’t serious were you?

It’s another way of not “thinking”.  Although relatively simple, it’s just easier to just blow cash rather than put together a workout or diet plan.  A free, time-tested, proven workout and diet plan is getting sweaty while not eating toxic stuff.

People buy junk they don’t need because it gives them the chance to dream. Like mind-altering drugs, purchasing a lottery ticket gives that person, up to the day of the drawing, a chance to dream about a fantasy life they could have.  Just like a lotto ticket, when someone buys a bottle of get-ripped-now pills they’re buying the dream of having that synthetic body on the label while having full conscious knowledge that there’s no chance in hell it’s ever going to happen.  Not like that.  (P.S. the FDA will approve ANYTHING that does not kill you in 6 months…)

Back to the Money: Three Keys to Financial Freedom

Think of everything you just read as a type of attention getter…or a sloppy intro.  It’s not complicated and there’s no magical formula, the keys to financial freedom are:

- hard work

- creative thinking

- consistency

There’s no need to even explain the first one.  If you’re the type of person that expects everything to be handed to you then you’re a follower and belong working for a “thinker”.  No matter how many self-help success books, videos, or podcasts you listen to, read, or watch they will always mention hard work.  The only difference between those who are successful and unsuccessful is successful people do the hard work.  Successful people have all the same unpleasant and difficult tasks that unsuccessful people do, but they actually do them, usually first and before other less important tasks.

It’s hard to find a millionaire with only one source of income.

Active creative thinking is required for developing ideas and products that haven’t been thought of yet.  With the internet it is easier than ever to develop multiple sources of passive and active income.  There are lots of ways to make money in your sleep, here are a few to get started:

- Stock Investing or Trading (Ignorant people call it gambling, if that’s the case then hard             work, research, and studying will make you a luckier “gambler”.)

- Starting an online blog or writing articles for a website like this one 

- Utilizing affiliates programs like to earn commission for referred purchases. 

It isn’t necessary to make a killing with any one source of income, but when you add it all together it becomes very substantial very fast.  A well written article takes 30 to 40 minutes to write and will earn approximately 50 cents per month on Info Barrel.  If you were to write two articles per day, every day for a year you would have 730 articles earning $365 per month.  Completely passive income, making you rich in your sleep.  It’s not too good to be true…it’s well over 500 hours of intensive writing and focus…you won’t get rich quick, but the money will flow.

If you have no clue how to get started with stock trading, the first step is to get started by opening a brokerage account.  Most online brokers will require a minimum initial deposit of $500 or more.  After you get comfortable with exploring the website, start doing research.  Read books, start a “fake trading account” and practice trades with “imaginary” money, and find a mentor. 

Finding and following a successful trader/investor can massively reduce the amount of trial/error you experience with your own trades.  Like hiring a professional training coach to master a sport, studying under a pro trader will increase your profits and easily pay for itself many times over. is a great website for beginner and advanced traders alike.  You can use the site for free or subscribe to newsletters and receive trading alerts from professional traders like Tim Sykes, a self-made multimillionaire.

The most important key is consistency.  Like a gym membership, none of these techniques or ideas will work if they are not implemented on a regular basis.  You can “subscribe” or pay for access to the world’s most elite gym, but if you don’t workout on a regular basis, you will never see any results.  Work on your craft every opportunity you get.

You are the operator of your life.  The capacity for success is only limited by your willingness to imagine, create, and work for it.  Like the gym membership, you could have every opportunity in the world, but if you don’t utilize them you will never achieve your goals.  The worst mistake would be never trying.

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