Is money a motivator? That is the question that draws many debates in the academic world.

Different motivation theories state differently.

Some theories mention that money is not a motivator. That means bosses cannot keep good people, and motivate them to perform to the best of their abilities by money.

Some theories recognize that money is a motivator. However, once people have enough money, they need other motivators to keep them going.

What is right? Are you motivated by money?

Most of us recognize the importance of money.

After all, we work for money. If our bosses promise promotion with 20% salary increment, we will not mind staying late or handle more projects. We are even willing to bring the work home.

The Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory mention about the different level of needs.

When people are poor and hungry, the physiological needs are the most important factors.

They want more money. They are willing to work hard for money. Once they have enough money, they progress to the next level of security needs. They want to use the money to buy a house, and enough food to fill the stomach.

They are not likely to spend the money on luxuries.

The highest level in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory is the self-actualization level. That means the person has reached a level where he wants deep satisfaction from work. He is interested in personal development, and spiritual fulfillment.

According to this theory, money is a good motivator for people who need money.

The fact is that most people do not progress from Physiological needs to self-actualization needs.

Many people are permanently in the first and second level. That means they have physiological needs and security needs. Money is forever a strong motivator for them. Many rich people work for money. They dare not give up working hard, since they desire more and more money.

Many artists and writers are different. They have strong self-actualization needs. We often heard of bankers, and top lawyers resigning from their jobs when they are in the peak of their career.

They start to draw, or write. They want to fulfill their potentials.

Money is no longer a source of motivation. You can offer them a million dollars, and they will not return to their stressful jobs.

What about you? Is money a source of motivation?

If you are writing for money, money is possibly a source of motivation. You are not likely to write as diligently or frequently if you are not paid.

You are likely to write diligently when you see the money comes in from article writing.

Money is a motivator. In fact, money is a strong motivator for most of the people in the world.

Look at those miners. They certainly do not like their jobs. They work because money is a source of motivation. They know that they are risking their lives. They know that accidents happen, and they may die a slow and painful death.

Why do they continue mining activities? Money is a strong motivator.