Money cannot buy love

What do humans live for?

Fame? Recognition? Glory? Let’s ask a simple question.

Would we bother to look up to Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates if they didn’t earn a ton of money doing what they did?

Why do get rich quick schemes sell like hot cakes although everyone who has ever tried them has failed? The reason is money. And we just don’t seem to have enough of it! The more we have, the more we want.

Everyone needs some sort of motivation in life. Be it to succeed in life, or to be a happy blissful human being in the long run. It is an integral part of sustenance, and we always need someone or something to look forward to, it is that hope which drives us forward. For most of us, more money means more happiness.

But are things really so simple? Let us look at some other forms of motivations and why we still need the greens to get the job done…

A lot of people join the armed forces to see the world. Well, most of them. And the fact that they get aid in higher education helps a lot. But young men and women do end up dying for their country. Patriotism is rare nowadays, but in some, it still is a strong enough motivation to put Queen before oneself…

Do you have a brother? Does he live a better life than you?

That can be a motivation enough to avoid those downward looks and being put on the lower side of comparison between siblings during family reunions. Competition is in the human nature. For each of us, our existence owes to the fact that we competed to reach the ovary first!

Many people get motivated by applause. All they need is a small pat on the back, or a party in their recognition for the wonderful effort they put in. It feels great to be known around as a hero.

Enough said. Now let’s look at these closely. Will you join the army if it were a free and voluntary service? If you were asked to fight for your country and in return given all your basic amenities, will that have been enough? Will patriotism be enough to risk your life to that extent?

Nowadays, society respects us with the amount of money we make. We can not deny the power of mony. Money cannot buy love. But is it practical to love someone without money? Money cannot buy happiness, but will you be happy without money? Money will not help you cheat death. It cannot make you live forever. But if we stop earning money, will it make our life longer? If money wasn’t a motivation enough, why does the Nobel Prize offer a million dollars along with the medal?

It is safe to conclude, while money may not be the only motivator for a man to do something; it is definitely present in most of the cases. Directly or indirectly, we all work for money, and a little bonus green now and then helps keep the initiative in place. You may argue that Hannibal Lector didn’t kill for money. Well he had a lot already, so we will never know for sure… 

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