Give Me Money

Lately in my life I've come to realise that the more money I have in the bank the less trapped I feel by the uncertainties of life. I've learned that money is freedom from the day to day troubles that I seemed to have.

I work 5-6 days a week on a construction job that I cant stand. I mean, most of my work mates are great fun and probably one of the reasons I'm still working where I am and it's not even the meaningless tasks and boring repetitious work that drives me so crazy. It's the fact that all I ever really want to do is learn new things; discover something; get absorbed in a new idea; get better at guitar or explore or travel, but instead I'm at work most of my waking hours dreaming about it. I try to get stuck into my passions when I get home but there seems to be little time considering I have to be up and back at work at 6:30 the next morning.

It seems to me that almost everyone I know resides to the idea that they have to work everyday and if you have a good paying job then that's the number one goal in life. It's as if having a decent job and earning a decent wage/salary validates people.
9 out of 10 people I know live their lives from pay check to pay check not really saving any money for the future but they have all sorts of toys and loans that seem to be keeping them working as much as they do but also prohibiting them from saving money for the future or maybe from starting a business or finding some sort of outlet from the 9-5.

A good friend of mine, that I also work with, just took out a loan for a second hand sports car. This is a guy who I would say is really switched on. The loan for the car amounted to $30,000. Now I don't know about you but to me, that is really baffling. He works as a casual on our job site, meaning work could run out for him at any time. $30,000 to me is such a full on commitment for something that immediately loses value as soon as you drive it out of the lot. It's not like he could sell it later for a profit or even to recoup his cash. It also ensures he'll be stuck in the job he's in, something similar, or worse, he could end up without the income to pay back the loan. But he's such a smart guy. It's as if that's just what people are supposed to do these days and its appears as though not too many people really question what seems to have became the norm. People have decided to accept it. Play it safe get a good job. You've made it. You're on your way. Although for me I can't stop dreaming about the possibility of having enough money to be comfortable but also not working for someone else's business or for someone else's dream. I want to work toward my dreams.

I have another friend, he's 30 years old, with no more more than one hundred dollars to his name. He hangs out for payday every week and if he has any cash left over at the end of the week he makes sure he goes out and buys some new clothes or something so he has a nice clean $0 in his bank account before his next paycheck. Don't get me wrong I love this guy like a brother and I've known him ever since I can remember but sometimes I feel like shaking him and saying " SAVE SOME MONEY FOR YOUR FUTURE".

Now I don't want to come off as pretending to be enlightened with money or having all the answers because I don't. It's really only just recently that I reached a point in my life where I realised that If I keep going the way I'm going, living week to week, that I'm gonna end up being miserable with no real options for a way out. Not to mention when I have a family I want them to be provided for and for them not to have to go without because I wasn't disciplined enough to get my act together.

I've recently begun to understand that the more money in the bank and and the less expenses I have the more encouraged I feel about the future. So for the last couple of years my partner and I have done our absolute best to save as much money as possible to find someway to escape the 8 hour work day prison cell. Just by being super strict with saving a certain amount out of our paychecks each week we have saved $28,000 and we really haven't missed out on anything. We're just trying to live within our means. To me that's mind-blowing. I've never felt so excited in my life. I've realised that money is freedom and opportunity. So now more than ever I'm determined to escape the standard work day and make a good income working towards MY DREAMS not my employers.