Almost 50 years of gift giving is included into these money saving gift ideas. Some will be great for women, men and children on your holiday lists and save you lots of money too. You might even find this to be a great starting place for early Christmas or holiday shopping gifts. After you have read this, please consider reading my gift wrapping article to help with that part of gift giving too.

If you know just a little about someone, you can get a wonderful sense of what they would be so pleased in getting for a gift. If saving money is your idea of a double good gift, you will have numerous ideas for you to consider here. It is sometimes just a suggestion, from me, that can strike a chord for a gift for someone on your list.

A reader:

1. Subscription to their magazine, in the passion of their interest. Many periodicals can be signed up online.

2. A copy of crossword, Suduko or word find.

3. The latest copy of a book by their favorite author.

4. The book of the month club subscription.

5. Decorative book mark either purchased or handmade.

A cook:

1. Unique cookbook from local church or social organization with local and personal recipes.

2. Ove glove for burn free handling of hot pots, skillets, cookie sheets and pans.

3. Gormet spices acquired at specality shops or on the Internet.

4. New set of kitchen towels.

Tea lovers:

1. Unique teapot

2. Tea of the month for a year, from numerous online distributors.

3. Tea box. Many wooden, lined tea boxes are available in tea stores and online.

4. Tea cozy. An insulated covering for a teapot to keep contents warm.

Coffee lovers:

1. Gormet coffees delivered to their door every month or as they desire. Online selections are numerous.

2. Personalized coffee mug or mug sets.

3. A timer for coffee pots that do not have that capability. Bought in electronics and used primarily for setting times for illuminating lights in your absence.


1. Pass to their favorite movie theater. Many establishments will create a gift certificate if you ask.

2. CD or DVD of their treasured topic.

3. Card promising a camping trip with a special friend when weather permits.

4. Art supplies for children of all ages.

5. A star named after them. Look up in the sky and select your gift to them. Let them name it or you can.

6. A coin collecting book or other hobby paperback or hard back book, according to age and desires of child.

7. Craft supplies to create models or other items in areas of interest for the child.


1. A warm throw for the cool evenings at home or in the car for their use. Embroider their name on it.

2. Hair or barber shop certificate to their special place for hair grooming.

3. Fruit of the month sent to their home, nursing home, assisted living or apartment.

4. A caddy to attach onto a walker to hold personal items. These can be found online, at rest home gift shops or at bazzars at churches. You can also make your own from a pattern.

5. Book of postage stamps, stationary or box of blank cards for them to use for corresponding.

6. A picture of their family, framed and formated with their favorite colors.

Your ideas might be sparked by my suggestions, so be creative. A gift that keeps giving long after it was offered can be a great joy to both the giver and receiver. Happy gift giving!