The Mongoose Blackcomb All Terrain Bike, commonly sold by retailers such as Wal-Mart, is a product to stay away from. This bicycle is advertised as a Mountain Bike, but in reality it is not designed to be used off road.

Wal-Mart advertises that this bicycle uses Shimano components, but it is the cheap Shimano components. If you buy a bike from a local bike shop that has entry level Shimano components on it such as the Shimano Alvio, you will have much better quality.

There are many things that suck about this bicycle. It is advertised as a mountain bike, but in reality it is not even close. This Mongoose should only be used on pavement.

The components on this bicycle suck, but they are better than some of the other bikes at Wal-Mart, but the component set-up still sucks.

Wal-Mart sells this for between $269.00-$300.00. It is an expensive bicycle by Wal-Mart standards, but is still not worth the money. It is not worth more than $50.00, and even then I would not buy it.

It is advertised as a full-suspension, but in reality the rear suspensions is simply a heavy piece of crap that looks good, but sucks. I know I am using the word suck a lot, but this product truly sucks, as do most bicycles sold from mass department stores such as Wal-Mart.

The weight of this bicyle is over 45 pounds. A low cost entry level bicycle from a local bike shop is considered heavy if it is near 40 pounds.

Wal-Mart is notorious for not having the bicycles properly assembled, and you will end up taking it into your local repair shop. They will try there best to get it to work for you, but the constant trips to the shop to fix what was already broken will get very expensive.

You will be much better off buying a bicycle from your local bicycle shop. It will be a product of much higher quality, lower weight, better components, and will not break down on you near as often. The bikes at your local bike shop are more expensive, but they will eventually cost you much less than buying a cheap wanna-be mountain bike from Wal-Mart.

The Shimano components on this bike are nothing to brag about. Mongoose Blackcomb uses a Shimano CO-50 front derailleur, and a Shimano Altus rear derailleur. If you want a quality bike you may also want to consider using BikesDirect. They sell bicycles over the internet and you will get a much better product from them then if you were to buy Mongoose Blackcomb from Wal-Mart.

The rear suspension on this so called mountain bike from Wal-Mart is a complete and utter joke. It is there for looks alone. You cannot ride this bicycle on single track trails in the mountains, so why even have the fake rear suspension? They install the rear suspension simply as eye candy to sell this bicycle. IF you are only riding on pavement, then you do not need a rear suspension. Mongoose Blackcomb is designed to only be used on pavement, thus the rear suspension shock is simple a heavy piece of junk. Don't waste your money on this bike; go buy an entry level hardtail mountain bike from your local bike shop.

Schwinn, Mongoose, and Shimano are among the companies that make high quality bikes and components, yet they also make crappy components. This Mongoose from Wal-Mart is among the crappy products. You cannot buy any of the quality Schwinn, Mongoose, and Shimano bikes and components in any mass department store. The Mongoose dirt jumpers from your local bike shop are of much better quality then the cheap Mongoose at Wal-Mart.

If you choose to buy this Mongoose B Blackcomb I can ensure you that you will have shifting problems. If you have owned a truly high quality mountain bike, even an entry level one, then you will be disgusted by this one. If you have never owned a quality bicycle from a local bike shop then you will not enjoy bike riding as a hobby because you will constantly be breaking down.

The 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin can be purchased from your local Trek dealer. The 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin retails for $599.00, but is a much better than Mongoose Blackcomb. The 2011 Gary Fisher is a 29er with top notch components for an entry level bike. You can be assured of having the bicycle properly built and fitted to you and the frame comes with a limited life-time warranty. The cost of this one is off-set by the fact it will truly last you for a life-time. The Mongoose Blackcomb will barely last one summer, if that at all.

Other great alternatives that will be true bicycles of high quality are the Trek 3500, Trek 3700 and the Trek 3900. Both of these bicycles are worthy of en entry level rider, and are truly bicycles, unlike the Mongoose Blackcomb. The Trek 3500 retails for $379.99.

The Trek 3500 is around $100 more than the Mongoose Blackcomb, yet the Trek 3500 is a much cheaper deal. When you buy the Trek 3500 you get the full support of your local bike shop as well as the lifetime frame warranty from Trek. You will have quality components that are worthy of being used and the bike is capable of some entry level single-track trail riding. The Trek 3500 will last for many years, unlike the Mongoose Blackcomb.

The only good thing about Mongoose Blackcomb is the WTB saddle. Of course you can buy these online for less than $35.00, but the bike you buy from your local bike shop will have a seat that is just as good if not better.

The wheels on this Mongoose Blackcomb is low quality, and will need to be "trued" every 30-100 miles of city riding. On the other hand if you buy a bike from your local bike shop you will only need the wheels "trued" once a year, or even less.

If you truly need to save money to buy a better mountain bike then it is much better to wait until you can afford to purchase a bike from your local shop. Oftentimes local shops will offer a lay-away program. Find the bicycle you want and put it on layaway. You money will be spent much wiser and you will not regret wasting your money as you would if you bought the Blackcomb ATB from Mongoose.