Whether you've got a young boy or a girl at home, a monkey theme party can make a birthday something very special. Their sense of play and curiosity just fits for the little climbers in your life. And to put it all together, you're going to want the best monkey party supplies. In this post, you'll get a list of the essentials and even learn some excellent monkey party ideas along the way!

A Monkey Theme Party: Going Bananas On Your Child's Birthday

HUGE Inflatable Monkey - Over 5 Feet Tall!Monkey's are super cute. And the best part about them (from a decorative standpoint) is that they work for both boys and girls. Whether that be wall stickers for a nursery room or a monkey theme party for a young one's birthday, they're barrels of fun for the kids, and adults can appreciate their style!

There's a few different monkey party themes you can go with, from a classic Curious George theme party to a Sock Monkey party or a Mod Monkey party. Or you can choose to go with just the cutest supplies you can find (and that match you and your child's personalities), no matter the style.

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Monkey Party Supplies: The Essentials Checklist

Any way you slice it, you've got the making for a very special day. But you'll need to make sure your home is stocked with the right monkey party supplies to really hit the mark. Here is a checklist of the musts - the items you'll need to grab to make sure there's plenty of monkeying around come party time.

Monkey invitations

When you are inviting your child's friends, get them excited about the day with a monkey invitation. Even if this is a party for toddlers, follow through. The adults will appreciate knowing what the theme is so that they can know what to expect.Sock Monkey Red Dessert Plates (8) Party Supplies

Monkey tableware

There is all sorts of tableware available depending on the monkey theme you choose. Don't forget some sort of monkey centerpiece to tie your table together. This could be monkey figurines (see below) or even a stuffed toy or two.

A barrel full of monkeys (a.k.a. some monkey figurines)

There's many reasons you'll want monkey figurines around during your theme party. They can be excellent cake toppers, party favors, and around the space festive decor! Be careful about the sizes of monkey figurines you choose if the party is for kids of toddler age. You don't want any being accidentally chewed or swallowed.

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A monkey cake

You can opt for a cake topper or monkey figurines on a cake of your choice. Or you can bake (or order) a cake shaped like a monkey! Whatever you do, make it special as the cake is the big moment of the day!RoomMates RMK1037SCS Curious George Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Monkey balloons, swirl decorations, and wall stickers

You'll need monkey decor to go around your space making it feel like the party theme, and all three of these supplies are perfect for the task. Monkey wall stickers especially are a favorite as you can create some really interesting looks.

Monkey inflatables for around the home and yard

Imagine your guests pulling up to your home and the first thing they see is a giant monkey in your front yard! It definitely makes a statement about what the party is all about. Opt for a jumbo monkey inflatable outside and go for a few smaller ones indoors near the highly trafficked areas of your party space.

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Socks and hobby supplies (to make Sock Monkeys)

You'll want to have a project for the kids to do that is monkey related, and creating Sock Monkeys is a great time for them. The entire project is a great photo opportunity for the parents, and the kids will love taking their puppets home.

Some monkey-themed games

Along with the sock puppets, line up some monkey-related board and party games so the kids will always have something fun to do that's monkey themed.Aztec Imports Monkey Pinata

A monkey pinata

What a way to give out some treats! A monkey pinata is another fun interactive moment with the kids that hits the monkey theme head on. The treats also make for great party favors for the kids.

Monkey party favors

Even if your planning on having the kids make Sock Monkeys and you've got a pinata all set up, make sure you have some other monkey party favors, too. They'll be excited about taking home something related to the theme. The monkey figurines work great here, as well as monkey stickers, and maybe even a Curious George book to read.

Once you've collected the musts, you've got the foundation ready for an awesome monkey theme party. But don't forget that there are lots of other great monkey party supplies that you can use to add some fun color to your child's party! Go bananas and use them to give your child's birthday something really special.