Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy For Under $20

This classic toy is sure to please youngsters and nostalgic adults alike.

The classic Monkey Playing Cymbals Toys are still being made, and you can order them directly off the Internet! And they cost less than $20 - how's that for a great toy bargain?

These famous chimp toys have become instant favorites amongst both children and adults, and make great gifts in almost any occasion. Adults love them because they were such a popular toy when they were growing up, and they often remind one of their childhood. Children love them for the same reason the adults loved them in the first place: They're fun, they move and they make noise. They even make great gag gifts.

But above all else, they're cool. Very, very cool.

I still remember the first time I saw one of these animated monkeys playing cymbals, I thought it was probably the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life. Then again, it was in a horror movie... and I was about eight years old. Not exactly the "perfect meeting" of child and toy. Honestly, I can't even remember the name of that movie - and now that I'm older, it probably isn't even that scary.

But strangely enough, I was oddly attracted to these toys. I remember asking my parents for a toy monkey playing cymbals for Christmas and birthdays almost every year. At some point, my folks gave in and bought me one. It instantly became one of my most prized toys. Sadly, as I grew up, it was either lost or broken or thrown out - either way, it was gone.

Monkey Playing CymbalsThis Magic Toy Monkey Playing Cymbals is what I recently ordered, and I must admit that I'm very, very happy with it. It reminds me of my old chimp toy from my youth (it even reminds my father of his toy), so it's about as historically accurate as you'll find, especially in this price range (currently about $17).

This cymbal playing monkey toy runs on two AA batteries and is built pretty tough. While I admittedly don't play with it like a toddler would, my friend's children beg to play with it every time they come over - and I cheerfully let them. I figure, "Why shouldn't they have the same experiences with the same awesome toy that I did?" And this particular toy monkey has held up to all the abuse that a two and four year old can dish out. So far there have been no broken parts, no ripped legs or arms, no scratches at all. So while I never intended to put it through the "kid test," it has inadvertently passed with flying colors.

Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy For Children

Like I said, my monkey has held up to some pretty strenuous abuse at the hands of my friend's kids. In all fairness, they are pretty well supervised when they come over, so it's possible they might get rougher when nobody is looking. But, I've got a whole closet full of things they've still managed to break, which leads me to believe that if this toy cymbal playing monkey was destined to break in their hands, it would have done so by now.

However, the packaging clearly warns against letting very small children play with this toy unsupervised because it does have some small parts.

Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy For Adults

Kids aren't the only ones who like these. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that you've read down this far because you yourself are at least partially interested in buying one for your own collection. Don't worry, I won't judge you - besides, I did the same exact thing, remember?

These toys are about as close to the original as you'll find. They look and feel like the one I had as a kid, and in my mind it was a lot easier to fork over $17 and receive a brand new cymbal playing monkey than to spend months searching through vintage websites, flee markets, garage sales and vintage stores trying to find an original one. The few that I did find on eBay were selling for upwards of a couple hundred dollars (I didn't see any go for any less than $50) - apparently these have become collectors items, which means an increased price - something I wasn't willing to pay. And I especially wasn't interested in dropping that kind of cash on a fabric item that I wasn't sure where it had been. What kind of germs could be festering in a 50-year-old toy? I didn't want to find out, especially not at those kind of prices.

I've seen this exact same toy at Target for $30 and other toy stores for even more, but I would much rather Buy This Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy For About $17 On Amazon and save some cash. That's what I did.

Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy As A Gift

If there's one thing that can be said for these awesome toys it's this: They'll make almost any body happy. Kids love them, adults love them, men and boys love them and even small girls and women find them pretty darned cool.

So if you've got a hard-to-shop-for person on your birthday, holiday or Christmas list, this little guy is sure to please.

But one of the all-time classic occasions for a cymbal monkey toy is a gag gift. So if you're looking for a fun item to spice up a coworker or family member's special day, look no farther. It's also very effective in those white elephant gift exchanges, so if your office puts one of these on every year, don't spend a fortune on a gag gift, simply buy one of these and become the office hero. Chances are, your boss and coworkers remember these from when they were kids too. And if they're too young to remember them in that light, they've probably seen them in enough movies (such as Toy Story) to instantly recognize them. Just don't be surprised when you see them mounted on their desk or book shelf! Somehow, a Monkey Playing Cymbals Toy always works its way to a preferred location in any home or office.