Monkey Totem
Credit: Kevin Jones a.k.a kevin.j (cc)

The monkey totem teaches us to be wiser. Possessing a cryptic intelligence and a calculated, often chaotic, expression, monkey sees the inhabitants of the world very clearly. It knows how to bide its time, enjoy the slow peel of the banana and the sweet moment that follows. Monkey knows how to savor the good, and as much as they will enjoy the good, they aren't greedy for it.


Transitory Monkey Totem

Monkey is most interested in getting to the bottom of matters. It doesn't appreciate illusions and will rebel against them. Give monkey reality, and it will open a warm place in its spirit for you. They are never wrong when they choose to take on a friend. They can be quite loving when they willfully take you into their fold.

If the monkey totem has perched upon your head, it's seen something very special in you. They might play with you (gently, of course) and inspect you a bit for a spell, but soon they'll get down to business and leave very obvious clues that lead you to the treasure in the waters and the ways through the current maze. Once you've been directed, monkey may pop in again from time to time, but it will likely be rare. They're adventurers, and while they know how to love, they value their freedom to splendor in the great path of experience that lies in wait.

Monkey is self-contained, sometimes reaction-seeking (for assessment purposes), group-focused but detached and solitary, one with group voice, sometimes fierce, needing newness, experimental, a tinkerer, daring, and keen on passing time in unique or useful ways.


Lifelong Monkey Totem

Lifelong monkey totem natives are fiercely protected. They are usually very profound children with a gift that should be sharpened. Monkey may permit some hard lessons to pass if the native isn't paying attention as they should. Wasting monkey's time interferes with the lesson schedule.

Natives will want to pay attention and be serious about their life studies. Work will take a backseat to the lessons learned in relationships. Monkey totem natives will eventually learn to overcome pride and avarice, and they may be astonished to find monkey's maze opens the way to the great light in their heart center.

Monkey totem natives should be gentle with their hearts to avoid health issues affecting that area and the area of their nerves (anxiety-based damage is hard to come back from without heart balance). Monkey teaches natives how to heal the heart and let the sadness and anger go. It is often a lifelong process.