Monogrammed Baby Pillow

What Is A Monogrammed Baby Pillow?

If you or someone you know is expecting, then you want to be sure to give a baby shower gift that is both memorable, and practical like a monogrammed baby pillow.  Everyone gives clothes, toys, strollers and car seats to mother’s to be, and those can be great things that will be used well.  However, if you are the grandmother to be, god parent, close relative, or just a great friend, personalizing your shower gift will make sure that your newborn pillow will be treasured as a keepsake for decades to come.  

Monogramming has been a symbol class and luxury for centuries, however it has become a term used loosely to describe the personalization of gifts, clothes, and robes with a technique called embroidering.  Using hundreds, sometimes thousands of stitches, embroiders can use needlework and colored threads to make letters and designs on fabrics that are durable and permanent.  A monogrammed baby pillow is simply a soft and sometimes decorative pillow that has been personalized with any number of details about the baby as a symbol for the day he or she was born.  

What To Say On Your Personalized Baby Gifts:

What you monogram onto your infant pillow is limited only by your imagination and the skill of the embroiderer.  If there is a special connection between you and the infant, anything sentimental and heartfelt can be stitched into the gift.  However there are a few popular categories of personalization that are usually included on monogrammed baby pillows.

The Newborn's Name - Adding the Newborn's name to their monogrammed pillow may seem easy, but requires a close relationship with the parents if the baby has not yet been born.  If the Baby’s name has already been picked before it’s birth, then this would make a great baby shower gift.  However if you are now sure of the name, ask the monogrammed to leave space to add the name later.  

Birth Details - Like Baby’s name, birth details like the birth date, weight, height, and length can only be added if the monogrammed baby pillow is being given after the birth.  Just like the name though, leaving blank spaces for the intimate details gives you the opportunity to really give the most personalized baby gift.  

Designs or Pictures - Choosing to stitch a baby animal cartoon onto your personalized baby gift will add the “cute” factor that will make your gift immediately stand out.  Some of the most common animals include teddy bears, giraffes, elephants, and monkeys.  

Meaningful Expression - Whether you just want to include your own personal guidance for the Infant as it grows, or you are looking for something meaningful online to express your sentiment, adding a short caption to your monogrammed baby pillow will establish an emotional connection between you and the baby.  “Bless This Child” or “Bless Newborn's Name” are popular and a constant reminder of what a blessing children can be.  Other quotes like “Grandma Loves You” will be meaningful for a lifetime.