If you're married and have a husband, or even a boyfriend for that matter, monogrammed koozies for men are great gifts for any male beer drinker. Heck, if you have a father, brother, uncle, or even a friend for that matter, a monogrammed koozie makes for the perfect gift for any male. Monogrammed koozies can be personalized with letter initials for names, or used to send a personal message. It's pretty simple why men would love personalized koozies, or just beer koozies in general. Men love to drink beer. When they drink beer they want their beverage to be cold and refreshing.

Monogrammed koozies aren't just for men. A lot of times they make for great gifts for baby showers, weddings, or parties for special occasions. A married couple having their initials engraved onto monogrammed koozies, or the name initials of a born baby makes for popular gifts. Monogrammed personalized koozies can be used for personal use. Koozies are also great for catered parties, wedding receptions, bachelor parties, and baby showers. Some online sites will even allow you to use personalized photos engraved onto monogrammed koozies. If you're looking to buy monogrammed koozies for men, then there are quite a few online sites where you can find what you're looking for. Monogrammed koozies that you can buy with no minimum during purchase. Personalized koozies can sometimes be a little expensive, but prices are very reasonable and cheap when shopping online.

What Koozies can be used for

Koozies which are often known as beer koozies, aren't strictly just used for drinking beer. Koozies can be used for sodas, teas, and hot beverages. Koozies keep the beverage insulated and at its desired temperature. Koozies can really be useful for coffee. Coffee isn't a drink you really just gulp down. It is quite easy for coffee to get cold after 15 minutes. Koozies can keep coffee hot for a longer period of time. Koozies can also keep your hand warm, since they're made out of foam. You won't have to burn your hand, or freeze your hand into an ice cycle when holding a cold beer or soda.

Personalized Monogrammed Koozies for Cans

Luna Belle Boutique - Luna Belle Boutique is an online koozies store that sells a collection of monogrammed koozies for cans and bottles for reasonable prices. Koozies that can be personalized for men as a gift. There's a no minimum when purchasing on their site. However, if you're looking for party gifts then you can order more and get a nice discount. For 5 koozies, you get a 5% discount. If you order 31 koozies or more you get a 20% discount. You can have a monogram of one initial, three initials, or a name or personal message added to the monogram koozie. No extra charge. Numerous of different front choices are available on their site. You can monogram your font in curlz, script, dot, deco, block, and quill. It's a great site to buy wedding monogrammed koozies too. A free wedding design can be added free of charge. Monogrammed koozies can be personalized for men, or anyone at Luna Belle Boutique.

My Wedding Reception Ideas - My wedding receptions ideas sells personalized koozies that can be monogrammed just for men. You can have koozies monogrammed with single, or three letter initials. You can also personalize each koozie with a nickname, name, or phrase of your choice. The cover of the koozies are silver-plated with foam on the interior to keep the canned beverage cold. They offer different monogram engravings to choose from. Prices are little high at mywedding receptionideas.com. However, their products can make for nice gifts for men.

Personalized Monogrammed Koozies for Bottles

Ebay - Ebay doesn't just offer personalized monogrammed koozies for bottles, but cans and water bottles too. Over 200 colors are offered of choice. You can have a single initial monogram, three initials, or the entire name of the person. Or just a personal message, or phrase of your preference monogrammed onto the koozie. The monogrammed koozies on ebay are pretty cheap, going for just $11 dollars. You can choose the font of your choice that you want monogrammed. They're collapsible koozies that are easy to travel with, and they're thin enough to fit into cup holders. Koozies are available in long neck bottles, 20 ounce bottles, 12 ounce cans, and 16.9 water bottles. Ebay has all that you need to buy monogrammed koozies for men.

Tiny Tulip - If you're looking for water bottle monogrammed koozies with designer covers, then tiny tulip has some pretty cool ones for men. They got the camouflage koozie cover. That's personally my favorite and is definitely a koozie cover for men. Other designer covers for men are brown and giraffe, black and white damask, black and white zebra, and black and white houndstooth. Women can also find monogrammed koozies for their preference. Hot pink monograms are offered on their site. You don't have to buy a designer monogrammed koozie. Black, pink, lime green, and brown colors are offered as koozie covers. No names can be monogrammed, only initials. Three initials that can be monogrammed in empire, swirly, victory, abigail, lily, diamond, and diamond with ends.