Back in the day, we all remember sitting down for a few hours with family and friends to enjoy a classic game of Monopoly. Now, there is a cool new game called Monopoly Deal that players of all ages can enjoy. It provides a great combination of skill, strategy, and luck, and you can go from being in last place to first place in a hurry; or the other way around.



Unlike classic Monopoly, the goal is not to bankrupt other players. Here in Monopoly Deal, the goal is to simply get three full Monopolies. Sounds easy, right? Well, this game presents a Win(110295)Credit: bpldteenzone.blogspot.comvariety of ways to accomplish this goal. You can simply lay down properties when it is your turn, or you can steal properties from other players. But you have to be prepared for other players to come after your properties as well.




There are 106 cards in the deck. Don't worry about understanding yet, but it is important to get familiar with the cards.

- 39 property cards. These are the cards you can put down when it is your turn in order to accumulate 3 monopolies. 

- 47 action cards.

          - 13 Rent cards. When played, they allow you to charge other players rent. More rent is charged based upon what color properties you have and how many of the same color property you have together.

          - 3 Forced Deal cards. These allow you to swap a property with another player.

          - 2 Deal Breakers. The most powerful card in the game. These allow you to steal an entire monopoly from another player.

          - 3 Just Say No cards. If you don't want to pay rent or give away properties that someone is trying to steal from you, play this card.

          - 3 Sly Deal Cards. These allow you to steal any single property from another player.

          - 3 It's My Birthday cards. All players pay you 2 million dollars.

          - 3 Debt Collector cards. One player pays you 5 million dollars.

          - 2 Double the Rent cards. Play this after playing a rent card to double the cost.

          - 3 Houses. Can be added to a monopoly and adds 3 million to it's value.

          - 3 Hotels. Can be added to a monopoly and adds 4 million to it's value.

          - 10 Pass Go cards. Allow you to pick up an additional 2 cards from the middle.

- 20 Money cards. Each player can lay down money cards in a pile. They are worth a variety of amounts. You want to accumulate enough money so that when another player charges you rent, you can pay them with cash. If you don't have enough money to pay, you must give away property. 


Basic Gameplay


Gameplay is fairly simple. The game starts off with five cards being dealt to each player. the remaining cards are piled in the middle. When it is your turn, you pick up 2 additional cards from the middle. Now, you are allowed 3 moves per turn. You want to start building up properties in front of you in order to get your 3 monopolies. However, you need money down GameplayCredit: uk.pogo.comas well in order to protect these properties in case somebody charges you. For example, my first move could be to put down 2 money cards in my bank, and one Indiana Avenue property. Now it is the next players turn. If the other player plays an It's My Birthday card on their turn, I owe then two million. So I can pay them 2 million from my bank. If I didn't have money down, I would have to give away my property that equals or exceeds two million (The value of any card is listed in the upper-left hand corner).


Advanced Gameplay


The game continues as each player does 3 moves. By now, you should have a decent amount of money down, and a few properties. Let's say that it's my turn, and I have two blue properties down together; Boardwalk and Park Place. This is of course a monopoly. Now for one of my moves I could charge rent on these properties if I have a rent card in my hand (Rent cards allow you to charge rent only on a certain color; This will be shown on that specific rent card). So in this case, when I play my rent card in the middle, all players would owe me 8 million dollars. It is 8 million because two blue properties together are worth 8 million. If I only had one blue property, it would be worth 3 million. Again, property values are all listed on each individual card.  Let's say the other player had 5 million cash and some properties down. They would owe me all the cash and 3 million dollars worth of property. Now it's the other players turn. In this case, we will say that they have a Deal Breaker in their hand. If they played this card on me, They could take my entire monopoly. Now their next move could be to play a Sly Deal on me, which means that they could steal any more property that isn't a part of a monopoly. However, let's say I have a Just Say No in my hand. I can play this card directly after he plays his Sly Deal, so he can't steal my property.


These are the basics on how to play Monopoly Deal. It may sound a little confusing, but after playing one or two games, I guarantee that you will understand and be totally hooked on this game. I have played with people from ranging from age 9 to 74. Plus, with cards like the Deal Breaker, you can go from last place to first place in the blink of an eye! 


Hints and Tips


- Any card can be put down in your bank as money. Depending on the situation, it could be a good idea to put something like a hotel into your bank if you are short on cash.


- If you manage to run out of cards in your hand, you can pick up 5 cards on your next turn instead of the usual 2. 


- Sometimes it is good to hold back a valuable property in your hand, such as a Boardwalk until you can protect it. A good time to put down the card is when you have a Park Place to put with it so you have a full monopoly and it can't be stolen (Unless you run out of cash or somebody uses a Deal Breaker on you). A Just Say No card offers protection as well, allowing you to deny someone who is trying to steal the property.


- There are a few wild property cards in the deck, which can act as any color property. These can be moved around whenever you want, so before charging rent on a property, add a wild card to it in order to raise its value. You can always move the wild card back to wherever you want.