Monotheism, invented by the ancient Egyptians is the religious belief in one God. It was a reaction to the older belief systems and religions that were "Pantheistic" or believed in more than one God. The Greeks and Romans believed in twelve main gods with hundreds of less well known local gods. The early Egyptians also had many gods, one for the sky, one for the dead, etc. Hindus believe in thousands of gods.

The three main Western religions that are Monotheistic are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. They all find their roots in the bible. The Jews used what the Christians call "the old Testament," as their religious book. The Christians added the new testament and the Muslims added the Koran. All these religions however hearken back to the God of the garden of Eden. This God sounds like one god, a jealous god, a male god. So it is very strange to me that the Christian religion also talks about a trinity.

Trinity means three. It refers to the father the son and the holy ghost, which Catholics will tell you are all the same God. I've had it explained to me that it's like water, which can be ice, liquid or steam, but is all the same thing. I don't understand if the important point is Monotheism, why the trinity is even mentioned. It's all very confusing. Who ever heard of being their own father? Their own son? And what really is the Holy Ghost?

Some early Christians felt that the loving Christ like figure of the new testament was so markedly different from the jealous God of the old Testament that may be there were indeed TWO gods, not one, one nice one and one mean one. Or some people even now, attribute so much power to an idea called "the devil," that it's like the devil is a rival god to the real God. It's a dichotomy.

The Christians who believed there were two Gods were eventually overpowered by the Christians who insisted the Gods of the old and new testament were essentially the same. Jesus said no one comes to him except through the father. So I guess it is a Monotheistic religion despite all. There is some point of contention on the nature of this God though. Some feel God is very personally involved in their lives. Others believe this one god "turned on" the universe, like a clock that needed winding, and then walked away. Leaving us with our discernment and creative powers to make our own world, or destroy it as the case may be.