Monsanto, The World's Most Evil Corporation.

When viewing just who owns stock in Monsanto, it is then rather obvious that the persons that own the most of it, are persons who became attracted to "service" in government due to the high probability of power, and the love therein.  I'd not want to malign police officers by comparing them with Monsanto stock holders, but we've all seen a high school bully or two wind up in the ranks of the police right next to that person that you actually knew should be there for their love of protecting the helpless, and service to those unable.

There's no murderer really comparable to a Monsanto stock holder, or a Monsanto executive.  Monsanto, you see, is an agribusiness that has never in its history produced a product fit for human consumption.  Facts are, only a totally corrupted by fiat currency system allows for such products to be sold, and sold without a label identifying them as what they are.

How often do you buy something not knowing what it is?  If you buy corn, don't you prefer to know it is corn with a gene inserted within it that produces its own pesticide or herbicide, therefore rendering it beyond the certainty of being safe for consumption outside some well connected bribes?

How about potatoes, tomatoes, would you buy a potato or a tomato if you happened to know that every Western European nation had determined that particular potato or tomato to be obscenely unhealthy, and in fact, so dangerous that it is not allowed in that country?

Quick fact, the nation of France has CONVICTED Monsanto of poisoning its joke, a nation more civilized and more intelligent than our own, has proven in its courts that Monsanto disregarded the health of that nations citizens to the point of having virtually poisoned them as if it were nothing.

Listen, dear reader, I'm not here to provide you new information about Monsanto at all.  I'm here to provide you some old information, information you might not have known, or might have forgotten about.  You see, the information I'm going to provide here has lost nothing in the way of validity, in fact, it gains in validity as the mainstream media never once covered it, and the policies of Corporate Personhood and Monsanto have anything but changed to adapt to punishment for the crimes they've committed against humanity in the past.

When speaking of Monsanto and evil or ethically  challenged deeds done in the past, there si quite a lot to get into, so as it is, my article here shall only deem to mention the more recent past.  Agent Orange crimes against humanity, we'll get into that another time, but the past in question here shall be much more recent, and I hope you'll pay  close attention.

Monsanto, Just A Few Sins

These Are Hardly The Extent Of Monsanto's Crimes Against Humanity.

Priorities In Monsanto Land

Senate Bill 510 was and is one of the most blatant power grabs by the US Government since they destroyed the Constitution with the Patriot act.  Despite all that, the Patriot act is illegal, as nothing can change the fact the United States Constitution is the law of the land here, and any bit of legislation that contradicts the United States Constitution is therefore illegal.

Senate Bill 510, "the food safety act," passed under an administration that has the former lawyer for the single most corrupt corporation on the planet as head of the food and drug administration.  So essentially, a man who was a lawyer for a agribusiness that has yet to ever create a product safe for human consumption, created a bill that says in essence and so many vagaries, that you, a person, a sovereign person, have no right to grow your own food.

Obama's appointment of Michael Taylor over the Food and Drug Administration, which is exactly what he did, would be similar to putting Jerry Sandusky over the well being of the nation's children, but people deny this, defending the guy, either one of them, in their blindness, and allegiance to a two part paradigm, a false dilemma, a false reality.

My personal contention, not subject to change, is that no government can either grant or take away a person's right to grow their own food.  Trillions of dollars in debt to our own Social Security Administration, and the Obama government enacts the food safety bill, creates another quasi military police enforcer group, and raids raw milk distributors deeming the stuff "unsafe," while not even bothering to concern itself with Monsanto's globally abhorred products, or even deeming the United States public as needing to know whether or not they are purchasing anything genetically modified.

Monsanto's BT Corn, They Are So Proud Of It, They Refuse To Label It

Monsanto Has Never In Its History Created A Product Safe For Human Consumption


Now we could talk all day long about how corporations have taken power over the US Government.  I don't think it is too hard to see how what is best for a non entity such as a corporation is (so long as we are already talking fiction, as Corporations are certainly not people), as it inhabits a non human realm of make believe, well, money, profit, and power.

So if you buy the fairy tale that a corporation is an entity "like a person," then it is easy to then buy the second falsehood, that what is good for the corporation is...increased power, and profit. People can talk all day long about how a corporation is just a group of people working together to provide a product, and this is true, however, if a corporation is heavily invested in by the influential, and said corporation's products have been proven the world over to be unsafe to human beings to even be around, but in said corporation's homeland or realm, the powers that be consistently deny this, and appoint former heads of staff over important federal administrations, is it then not obvious that there is a conflict of interest between the persons being exposed to unsafe products, and the persons profiting from the same?

We've not even got to the scary part, friends, can anyone tell me why an agribusiness needs its own mercenary army, its own group of paramilitary hired killers?  Is that just a "business decision?"   In any case, it isn't a "theory," but rather, a fact, that Monsanto purchased the Eric Prince murderer for hire group formerly known as "Blackwater," and now known as "Xe."

Corporations Opposed To GMO Labeling - Because They Are Anything But Proud Of Their Products

This Is A Lot To Remember Or Boycott - There Is, However, A Simple Solution.


So far as conclusions are concerned in regards to a federal government appointing the single least valid person in the entire nation as head of food and drug safety, and then enacting or passing a bill that is so worded in open ended vagaries as to literally give the federal government "authority" in violation of the United States Constitution to even step into your garden, and arrest you for having the fortitude and righteousness to deem yourself worthy to grow your own vegetables either with or without the knowledge that therein you are not contributing to a system of corporate corruption and human degradation of yourself, family, and fellows by omitting funding to Monsanto and other corporations using unsafe GMO products - I'll let you draw your own.

All over the world the false dilemma of our human population is being touted as an issue, but this is a top down sort of thing, as the human population is not an issue, the issue is the persons issuing and controlling the volume of currency in the lands have no control over such a vast array of persons, and control is what they live for.  Every person on Earth could fit in Los Angeles County with several square feet around them....leaving the entire Earth bare, or open for hunting, gardening, and otherwise not consuming contrived poison, who's soft and slow kill effects cause a body to seek pharmaceutical aids for years and years of slow death.

The solution to the biggest part of this entire conundrum, unless you fail to even bother to see it as such, is rather simple.  One product, one deadly product well proven (use Google Scholar) to cause birth defects and all manner of disease, were it boycotted, would cripple the US Government's pet murder machine, Monsanto.  Boycott Roundup Herbicide, and preserve your own health, the health of all persons drinking water in your area in the future, and be proud for having contributed to the end of what has been voted the single most evil entity on Earth.