Scary Monster
Credit: By André Koehne (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Finger puppets provide hours of entertainment for children. Finger puppets can entertain babies and toddlers when an adult wears the puppets. Finger puppets can entertain older children when they wear them and play with them alone or in a group. Monster finger puppets provide children with a way to face their fears and use their imaginations. Children can help create their own monster puppets, or they can simply play with the puppets made by others. These monsters are based on the plush puppet body. 


Monster eyes can be made from a variety of materials. Try googly eyes glued to the top of tentacles. Perhaps your monster needs eyes all over his body, or in an unusual place, such as the ends of the arms. Other materials can work as eyes as well, such as buttons, bottle caps and more. You can also cut out unusual eyes from felt and draw on eye details. Perhaps your monster has no eyes at all!



Some monsters have noses and others do not. If you choose to give your monster a nose, there are several ways to do it. Try cutting felt into a nose shape. It doesn’t have to be the shape of a human or animal nose. Use small objects as a nose, such as rhinestones, beads, buttons or small pieces of fur. Give the monster more than one nose for a really unusual monster.


Arms, Legs and Tentacles

The most interesting part of any monster is how many arms, legs or tentacles he has. These can be any size or shape. The best way to attach arms and tentacles is to sew them onto the sides of the puppet. Hand sew the arms to the back, front or head of the monster. Give the monster one arm, no arms or ten arms. You can mix tentacles and arms together on the same monster, or keep them separate. Use different fabrics to make the arms, such as fur, denim or even elastic. Try giving the monster an unusual number of arms.


Bumps, Spines and Spikes

What makes a monster really scary is the texture on his body. You can create this texture with a variety of objects. Try adding different materials over the body, such as beads, buttons or even small pieces of clay glued to the body. Glue hard objects to the monster and sew soft objects in place. Add spines and spikes made of craft wire, pipe cleaners or toothpicks.



If you want a completely hairy monster, make the base body from fur rather than felt. Glue or sew yarn, fur patches, doll hair or any other furry object to the puppet for hair. Place the hair on the head, body, arms legs or anywhere else you want to make the monster finger puppet look frightening and scary.