Updated for Christmas 2016

Monster High dolls are hot for Christmas 2016. Geared for girls ages six and up, these Goth looking dolls are a tame version vampires and other dark characters, which are immensely popular with older teen girls.

Each fully articulated doll has her own personality and comes with her own pet and special accessories. The characters are the teenage children of the legendary monster menaces have gathered together under one roof...to attend high school at Monster High. With such cool clothes and great back stories, it is no wonder why they are hot for Christmas.

The Characters Are:

Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula, is a vegans who is the daughter of Count Dracula. She has a pet bat.

Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein, is the youngest of the Monster High dolls and has a mongrel pet

Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of the Werewolf, comes with a pet cat

Lagoona Blue, daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon, comes with a pet piranha

Cleo de Nile, daughter of the Mummy, comes with a pet snake

Deuce Gorgon, son of Medusa, comes with a pet minion

In addition the line of dolls, there are accessories that you can buy separately to dress up one of 2016's hottest Christmas toys for girls. There are electronic games. plush versions of the dolls, and clothing.

Where to Find These Toys

Because Monster High Dolls are one of hottest toys for Christmas, you will be competing with other parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles trying to find the dolls and accessories for their favorite girl.

It is good idea to ask the girl in your life exactly what she wants for Christmas. If Monster High girls are on it, then begin your search as soon as possible, as it is a popular item and some stores are already out of stock on certain dolls.

Once you know that these are on the Christmas list, begin an internet search Monster High Dolls are a Hot Toy for GirlsCredit: www.amazon.comat any popular store like Entertainment Earth, which has a complete lineup of everything your child wants.

If they have no Monster High dolls in stock, ask when some will be available and see if you can put your name on a list to be notified when the shipment arrives. Some stores will do this for you. If no such list exists, then call and call until the store replenished its shelves and get there as soon as possible.

You can also do an online search for these same stores. You can put your name on a list to be emailed when more stock has arrived for you to purchase online. Be sure to check your emails often or you can miss out on an opportunity to buy these dolls for Christmas.

One of the best online search tools is Zoolert. They are a tracking site that permits you to see what Monster High toy is available and where. The difference between this and other website is that the tracker is live.

Using these strategies to get Monster High dolls for Christmas, you will be able to secure the doll of your choice.