Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a 2013 game released for the Wii U and 3DS.  Published by Capcom, this is the sixth Monster Hunter game released in North America.  The game focuses primarily on killing or capturing a variety of large monsters, as well as gathering materials from the land.  The way the game works is simple.  Accept a Quest from one of two hub areas of the game, complete the objective (Either hunting or gathering), collect your rewards and repeat.  Although the game is very simple, the gameplay is very deep, fun and rewarding.  You pick from one of twelve very different weapon types and hunt down incresingly large creatures,  ranging from the traditional fire-breathing dragon, to the aquatic leviathan, to the giant snow rabbit and everything in between.  

There is a total of 73 monsters in the game.  Although this is not as much as the PSP Monster Hunter games, such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it is still a very large amount.  What truly sets these beasts apart from the monsters in other games is the sense of realism.  Even though these monsters are creatures of fantasy, you wouldn't think it while fighting them.  The way they move, behave and react to what you do is simply incredible.  They all have smooth, fluent animations, and detailed models.  Each monster is very unique, and each ones have there own patterns to memorize if you want to successfully take one down.  However, if you aren't cautious or properly prepared, they will be the ones taking you down.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an incredibly difficult game.  If you don't know what you are doing, you will not succeed.  The later quests in the game can take as much as 50 minutes, and that is just to slay one singular monster.  The game has a fairly steep learning curve.  Thankfully, the first eight or so hours does its best to ease you in.  This unfortunately, is mildly annoying to returning players, as you will be forced to gather meat and mine petty ores.  It takes some time to get into your first major hunt.  If you get in to Monster Hunter, be prepared to lose a few hundred hours of your life.  The game requires alot of time to get the most out of it.  With Monster Hunter, you put in what you take out.  Fortunatly, there is alot to take out.

After killing a monster, you are awarded with money and items.  with these items, you can create a myriad of weapons and armor.  The weapons can be one of twelve types, with swords of all shapes and sizes, hammers, guns, lances, gunlances, or even musical instruments.  Different pieces of armor will give you different elemental resistances and skill boosts.  Combined, there are over a thousand armor and weapon pieces.

Even with all this equipment, the game is still no easy task.  No combination of weapons, armors and items will make the monsters a breeze.  Besides skill, the only thing that can ease the tension is a little help from your friends.  Up to four people can play together online, working together to fell the ferocious beasts.  The multiplayer is incredibly fun, and just adds to the replay value of this amazing game.

All in all, I would give Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a 9.5 out of 10.  It is the only game I've played in recent memory that that kept me coming back for hours.  If you own either a Wii U or a 3DS and don't already have this game, pick it up.  The first few hours are tedious and slow, but if you can trudge through that the game is an incredible experiance.  Fun gameplay, great replayability and some really cool monsters and you have yourself a fantastic and very rewarding experiance.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - 9.5/10