Cleaning has never been easier and more assuring with the use of Monster Steam Cleaners! Water, when heated up to 100C will be able to kill germs and viruses on your food and utensils as well as other parts of your house. It will be a nuisance if you have to boil water frequently just for cleaning. Using water as a means in cleaning floors and other surfaces is also messy and usually takes up a lot more time.

Steam on the other hand will have the same effect on germs and other viruses without the mess! The Monster Steam Cleaners also allow you to control the heat you will use for specific surfaces to avoid damage. The temperature may reach up to 120-130C allowing a more sanitized environment! Steam cleans efficiently leaving minimal moisture and evaporates quickly. Using steam also saves the environment from harmful chemicals usually used for cleaning. It is an example of green cleaning with the best benefits you can imagine!

Now, to help you better in cleaning there are different Monster Steam Cleaners available.
If you want a portable and handy pressurized dry steam cleaner, the Monster SC60, Monster 45+ and SC60+ are made just for you! These devices use 130C steams fro cleaning. With just 1.2l of water, these are functional for up to 60 minutes! It is more than enough time when you consider the speed of cleaning with steam! These are also usable when unplugged for 5 minutes!

Allowing you to clean those hard-to-reach places! The 45+ is also conventional to use because it has an extra water tank that refills the boiler! No more stopping, refilling and waiting! Clean as much as you want! Aside from the 3 portable, the most convenient product of they have is the Monster SC20 Baby. A baby to be feared by germs! It is handheld and easy to use and combine with the other accessories is has! The most popular amongst them is Monster Floor EZ1 Steam Mop.

This features two steam jets to use while cleaning. It also has adjustable steam levels that are versatile enough for all your household materials! Aside from those, you may use it on carpets using the included accessory in the package called, Carpet Sledge. It will pick up surface grime and loosen grit and animal hair, enabling your vacuum cleaner to easily suck it all up!

With the Monster Steam Cleaners your home is not only clean, but hygienically clean!