Monsters University Costumes Will Be Everywhere This Halloween

Who is Sulley?

He’s a big guy with bright blue fur and purple polka dots. When both people and monsters first meet James P. Sullivan, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is a loyal friend who often goes out of his way to help Mike, who lacks a both organization and the world of the obvious. It is his naiveté that brings out the protective side of Sulley.

Originally the top scarer at Monsters, Inc., he changed his ways after falling for a little girl named Boo who snuck into his world. Monsters were taught that children were contagious, and that made them afraid of little ones and made them work even harder at scaring them for the energy they needed for their city. After spending time with Boo and seeing that she is not contagious nor anything to fear, Sulley realized that making children laugh, not scream and cry, was a much better way to live.

At the end of the original movie, Sulley uses children’s laughter to power the city in which he lives, not their scares. And everyone is happier for it.

Monster's Inc. Outakes Featuring Sulley

An Amazing Mask!

Monsters University - Sulley Monster Mask
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For those of you who just want to wear a mask, this one is perfect for you. Unlike other kinds of mask, this one moves as you contort your face. It is a very unique feature!

Who is Sulley?

Toddler Monsters University Sulley CostumeWhen we meet Sulley in the prequel making it’s debut June 21st, he is a younger and slimmer version of whom we saw in the original film. Even though he is slimmer, he still can scare anyone who first meets him simply because of his size.

Monsters University is the Sullivan family alma mater. Sulley thinks that because of his family legacy and his natural abilities to scare, he does not have to work as hard as his classmates. In fact, he likes to play more than he likes to study. This attitude jeopardizes his chance to get into the prestigious Scarer program that his family all graduated from. Will he be the first to not get into it because of his lackadaisical attitude? Or will he hunker down and finally do what he needs to be the top of his class?

The Sulley costume on the right is for younger children. This blue jumpsuit with purple polka dots has a detachable tail and a headpiece that permits children to see and breathe.

Sulley Costume for Girls

Disguise Disney Pixar Monster's University Sulley Girls Deluxe Costume, 3T-4T
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Who says a girl can't dress like the big monster she wants to be? Here is a very feminine version of Sulley. Pair up some blue tights for a chilly night if you need them.

Monsters University Sulley Costume for Adults

Both men and women can wear this!

Kids aren't the only ones who are fans of the movie! Adults who love Disney also get to dress as their favorite characters, as they have costumes made just for us. Why should kids have all of the fun?

Monsters University Sulley Costume for AdultsCredit:

This two piece costume comes with a plush shirt that you can wear alone or over another shirt if the area you live in is chilly during Halloween. The headpiece has two horns sticking out and permits you to see your little ones while still remaining in character.

Monsters University Sulley costumes will be a hit this trick or treat season.  Pair up with your child who can be dressed as Mike and you will make an adorable duo!

Toddler Costumes Available for Little Ones