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Monticello, Indiana is the seat of White County and is probably best known as the home of Indiana Beach, one of Indiana's most popular amusement parks. While Indiana Beach will indeed be covered in this review of Monticello, it is by no means the sole attraction that the city has to offer tourists and residents. Never the less, I will be starting off with my review of the park.

Indiana Beach was been providing entertainment to families for decades, and it provides a nice summer retreat. The park has thrilling roller coasters, as well as more family-oriented rides, and a water park. It's definitely a top Indiana vacation spot. The Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball Express coasters are world renowned as some of the top wooden roller coasters around, and the new Steel Hawg is billed as Indiana's tallest custom steel roller coaster (though in my honest opinion it really isn't that wonderful). The water park leaves something to be desired, but the other attractions more than make up for it. New for 2009, the park offers free general admission once again, but you'll still need to buy tickets or a pay one price (POP) wristband to experience the attractions. While tickets for individual rides are rather exorbitant (5+ dollars for a single ride!?!), the POP wristbands are more affordable (prices are around 30 dollars per day), and it's a fun experience for the entire family.

Outside of Indiana Beach, in greater Monticello you will find Monticello's downtown. Here you'll find the Twin Lakes Cinema movie theater, a quaint antiques shop, Evelin's Closet clothing botique, and Monticello Indiana insurance agents. Wine enthusiasts will also love to visit the local Whyte Horse Winery!

Dining in Monticello is decent, they have the usual fast food offerings - Wendy's, McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc. In addition you'll find a few local restaurants such as the Sportsman Inn Restaurant and Bar, the Harvest Time restaurant, Marmolijo's Trios, and more. Food is usually very good.

Finding Lodging in Monticello is a bit trickier. There is a Best Western, but it hasn't had very good reviews. Instead, I recommend staying at the Pine View Resort or maybe even the Indiana Beach Hotel.

In Closing

So all in all, Monticello, Indiana is a small tourist town in the heart of Indiana. It's small, with a rough population of around 10,000 people and lacks certain big city aspects that you may have grown accustomed to. Nevertheless, you will still find both an indoor and drive-in movie theater, a winery, and several restaurants (as well as a variety of fast food offerings). So if you come to experience Indiana Beach, you'll need to see the rest that Monticello has to offer as well!