Montreal Tam Tam


- The music is fantastic

- Great picnic area on the mountain

- Plenty of people make it a great atmosphere

- Perfect for a hot day with a cold beer or soda pop

- Medieval fights are just awesome

- Tight rope walking

- Various performers

- Dancing

- Street vendors

- Free


- None, except Tam Tam is cancelled in lieu of bad weather and throughout the winter

Full Review

Montreal Tam Tam is AMAZING!

You don't have to be into percussion or music to enjoy Montreal Tam Tam. Staying for an afternoon at Tam Tam Jam means relaxation and fun times with family, friends and even strangers. Hundreds of locals and visitors bring their drums ("tam-tams" en Francais!) and play them continuously throughout the afternoon. Yes, there are NO pauses in the music. The drummers are relentless. The event takes place on the east side of the mountain, around the huge statue of Sir George Etienne Cartier (a French explorer).

While the music plays continuously, there's plenty to do for you and your family. You can sing and dance. You could obtain cold refreshments and bring food for a pleasant picnic. Browse the street vendors and all the crafty gadgets they have to sell. Try out the tight rope walking. Lastly, my personal favorite, try out the medieval battles (you almost have to see it to believe it).

I've done a little research and found the history of Tam Tam. It started in the 1970s by the African community. Initially it was held at a jazz bar on Ontario street. Since then it has moved to the mountain and has grown in scale. Police now supervise the event.

Montreal Tam Tam

In Closing

Tam tam is a must-do activity for Montrealers and visitors. The whole atmosphere and the range of activities makes for an amazing afternoon. At least check it out, and I bet you won't be able to leave. What do you have to lose (it's free, after all)?