It seems as if the same old bland business cards are easily disposable, and that's where this Moo Mini-Cards Reviews comes in.  Do these Mini-Card's truly replace the traditional business card?  Is the added expense of Moo worth it over an online discounter like Vista Print?  Is the quality of these Moo Cards enough to make you stand out from a stack of mindless business contacts?  Read on to find out if Moo Mini Cards are even worth the time and cost to review.

What is a MOO Mini Card?

MOO mini cards are half the size of a traditional business card (imagine folding a business card "hamburger" style) and measure one inch by three-and-a-half inches.  This abnormal size will most certainly help your business card stick out in a stack of bland, tired cards.  Although this slight change in size might seem like a bold move, it is a subtle way to begin to set you apart. 

In terms of paper quality, the Mini Cards ordered for this review were printed on a thick card stock  a little thicker than a normal business card.  Again, the change is subtle.  It alludes to how you are different than the pack, but it does not scream attention. 

For those concerned with the environment, the paper used in the mini cards is milled from sustainable forests and is chlorine free making it one of the most environmentally sensitive papers around.  According to MOO, the paper has a “satin” or “silk” finish, which gives the printed photos its glossy sheen (again, setting you apart). 

Probably the most exciting feature of the MOO mini card is its ability to have up to one hundred different photos or designs printed on every set of cards.  This feature, which MOO calls “printfinity,” is great for photographers, designers, and anyone who just wants to give their cards a little extra excitement.  Some of MOO’s customers have even placed different tracking codes on their cards and have used these codes to determine which marketing events are the most successful.  MOO also markets these mini business cards to be used as unique product tags.  Whatever their application, MOO’s ability to easily and affordably print different designs on their business cards is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. 

MOO’s mini cards are double-sided—one side contains the varying photographs or designs and the other contains contact information.  MOO provides a number of templates to add in this information, or you can upload your own design making your business cards fully customizeable. 

Moo Mini-Cards

Are MOO Mini Cards worth it? 

After my first purchase of MOO cards, I was hooked.  These are not your cheap business cards  printed off at your local Kinko's.  MOO mini cards are professional grade business cards. 

Cost-wise, the cards are extremely affordable.  They start at $20 for one hundred cards (or twenty cents per card), but as you increase the quantity, the unit price decreases.  If you do plan on a purchase of these mini cards, be sure to do a quick internet search for MOO coupon codes, which will usually reveal a twenty percent off coupon for first time customers. 

The Ordering Process

A first time review of the ordering process with MOO cards was fairly simple and straightforward.  Users are first prompted to upload photos or designs to be printed on the cards. Each file should be 874 x 378 pixels at 300 dpi to ensure the proper proportion and print quality. You will get equal quantities of each type of business card if you upload more than one image file.  Please note, that you can upload one file or even no files.  If you do this, the backside of each card will have that same design. 

After you finish uploading your designs, you will be brought to a menu where you can do some final tweaking and adjusting of your files.  If your files are too small, you will get a warning at this point saying your mini-cards may not print correctly.  Also, a mock business card will be shown with each of your designs.  On this card a “trim area” can be seen as a dotted line.  From what I could understand, this dotted line is simply included to account for cut tolerances.  If any part of your image lies outside of that line, it may or may not be cut-off.

Once you are done uploading your image files, you will be prompted for information regarding the front side, which is printed on every card.  You can either type in your information using one of MOO’s templates, or you can upload your own file.  If you upload a file with centered text, be sure it is well within the trim area.  In my first order of mini-cards, I had centered text that was printed just a little off center.  This mistake did not ruin my first batch of cards, but just be sure to review your design very carefully before submitting your order.  Anything outside of the print area may or may not get printed, and I would also advise again aligning any text centered vertically or horizontally with the card's dimensions.

The Final Product

The shipping prices were a little much for such a small product, but they got to my mailbox much more quickly than I had originally expected.  My first order of one hundred business cards was packaged neatly in a cute little box.  I could not have been more pleased with my first business cards ordered from MOO.  I only wish that I had ordered sooner!

Other Products from MOO Cards

MOO has taken their “printfinity” technology and used it in a number of and very innovative applications.  These include full-sized business cards, postcards, greeting cards, and even stickers.  I wish I had discovered MOO cards sooner for my wedding thank you cards—a different photograph featured on each card would have been a nice touch.  Of course, MOO also offers a full line of their designs that can be used for greeting cards, which means that you do not have to simply settle for the same boring cards you purchase at Hallmark every year around Christmas time.  As with the mini-cards discussed above, the prices for MOO products are all very competitive and reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of product that you will be getting.

In addition to their print products, MOO also offers a number of accessories to be used in conjunction with their business cards.  Each product is very innovative and oftentimes stylish.  And finally, for those graphically challenged people out there, MOO also offers full-service logo design packages.  Be sure to check back frequently for other MOO cards product reviews.