Mood Best Friends Necklaces

What Are Mood Best Friends Necklaces?

Best Friends Necklaces are the kind that you see separated into two pieces - one held by each friend. When the friends reunite, they can join their necklaces together to signify their friendship. "Mood" necklaces refer to the special material commonly found in mood rings or other mood jewelry that changes color with a person's mood and temperature in order to reflect their feelings visually. When you combine mood jewelry with best friends necklaces, you get mood best friend necklaces! These fun pieces of jewelry not only join back together when the two friends reunite, but also reflect how each person is feeling with special mood sensing material as shown above.

If your friend is happy and you are sad but you're both together and wearing your respective halves of the mood best friend necklace, your piece will change to become a radically different color from the one your friend is wearing! This is more of a fun little feature than an accurate psychological reading, but nevertheless it adds to the appeal and enjoyment of wearing and sharing this kind of unique jewelry.

Mood Best Friend Necklaces Make Great Gifts

Although it would be pretty difficult to create your own mood best friends necklaces at home, owing to the complexity of creating the mood material yourself, you can find mood best friend necklaces for sale online very cheap. has some great specials on mood best friend necklaces and will even offer rush shipping on your order for a couple of extra dollars. If you're looking for that great best friend gift right before the holiday season, or you're coming up quickly on your best friend's birthday, consider getting a mood best friend necklace. If your friend has other mood jewelry or enjoys such jewelry which is fun and interactive, it's a pretty safe bet that they'll also enjoy these unique necklaces.

The Best Times to Give Mood Best Friend Necklaces

These pieces of jewelry are especially well suited to farewell presents. If your friend is going to move away for a while, you can give them one half of a mood best friends necklace as a symbol of your friendship and to let them know you will still care for them even if they're not living nearby to you. You can write something on a card about not being whole until your friend returns and including it with your gift to round it out. Your friend will appreciate the sentiment and enjoy having something they can keep close by that reminds them of you and all the good times you had. Best of all, not many people have or even know about mood best friends necklaces, so you can feel confident that you're giving your best friend a fairly unique gift. Of all the different kinds of similar necklaces and best friends jewelry, the mood necklaces are pretty uncommon. You can give them to your friend knowing they will appreciate how you think they are pretty special, too.

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