There are several mood ring colors, but what are they and what do they mean? Simply buying it and not being able to interpret the signs of mood ring colors is like purchasing a scrumptious lobster, but cannot enjoy its meat inside because you do not know how to open it. This article will help you understand them as well as their meanings.

It was Joshua Reynolds who made this piece of accessory popular, but it was Marvin Wernick who discovered it in the year 1975 when he saw a doctor making use of a thermo tropic to get the temperature of a child. After that, he formed the idea of creating it in an oval-shaped form and putting it in a silver or gold setting. The contribution made by Reynolds was the reason why he is recognized often as the inventor.

In essence, the variations of mood ring colors can mean actual transformations in someone else’s biochemical makeup.~Protected by Copyscape~

Because our brain has power over our body considerably, this outcome can replicate the transformations in the person’s emotional and psychological condition. A lower temperature of the skin would mean you are in a more restless and worrying condition as your blood is headed to the internal organs and muscles to prepare for a reaction which we call “fight or flight”. On the other hand, a warmer temperature suggests a calmer feeling or frame of mind.

Mood Rings Color MeaningsCredit: Ring Colors Meanings


Amber is also one of the mood ring colors which symbolizes varied feelings or an emotion of being troubled.

Blue and Dark Blue

Blue and dark blue are both mood ring colors, with the former signifying an emotion of being composed and cool and the latter indicating a sense of love, happiness, passion and romance.

Gray and Black

Gray and black are among the mood ring colors that would mean a person is stressed, anxious or worn out. Apprehension and strain could lead to sweating and after that, your body becomes cold. Cooler temperatures will appear as more shadowy hues on the ring.


The yellow hue appearing on the ring would mean that a person is occupied in artistic ventures like arts and crafts. This color denotes wonder and thoughts.

Blue Green and Green

These two mood ring colors suggest a steady mood. Blue green is a sign of calm and happy feeling, while green shows that a person is not under extreme pressure.


Bronze signifies fidgety thoughts, jitters and eagerness.

Red and Dark Red

One of the mood ring colors, red represents energy and bold and enthusiastic attitudes. In contrast, bloody red signifies extreme dislike and rage.


This particular hue denotes that a person is unsure or dreading something.


This color denotes bewilderment and aggravation.

Purple~Protected by Copyscape~

Purple is among the mood ring colors and stands for clearness and sensuality.

As you now know the mood ring color meanings you have several choices - even to made known your opinion in the comment section below or follow my sincere advice and go buy a mood ring of your desired color because it is such a wonderful and usefull jewelery that can be easily offer as a gift or kept by yourself.