SwimmingPool Lights

For safety and also to enhance the experience you can have pool lights for inground swimming pools. The light is not just for safety, you will also enhance the visual appeal of the pool by having lighting installed. Mood lighting of the swimming pool using coloured lights will take it up a notch also. Some lights can even be multi coloured and changing every minute or so.

Exactly where to place the pool lighting around the pool.

One option is the swimming pool lighting recessed into the sides of the pool. Track systems of lighting around the edges of a pool under the coving, can be done Lighting above the water is simple to install and easy to take care of. Good for when you are sitting in a pool lounge chair when having a pool party. There is lighting that can only really be installed when the pool is being commissioned first. if you don't want to drain the pool there are lights that you can fit still.

Halogen 12 Volt Lighting

This type of light will be suited to the recreational swimming and is pretty affordable to install. You will have 100 watt halogen bulbs that run off a 12 volt transformer. Has to be 12 volt for safety considerations. By using lens covers you can have other colours of light from the white light bulbs.

Fibre Optical Cable Lighting.

Side illuminating fibre optic cable that fits under the coping of your spa or your swimming pool. For different types of build of the swimming pool there various types of lights. Fibreglass Concrete, or a vinyl built pool. The light is brighter when there are more strands of the fibre. To be able to fit on curves easily the cables are flexible.

LED Lighting.

The way forward with swimming pool lights is the LED technology for the most efficient energy use. Seeing as you don't have to replace the long lasting bulbs very often there are cost savings LED light bulbs can provide 30,000 hours of lighting LED lighting gives you an option for automated colour changing of the light You can have some fancy colour light shows with colours of blue, red, magenta and white. In the LED light units individual coloured lights can be mixed together for overall colour variation.

Swimming Pool Lights That Float.

Battery operated floating LED lights in various shapes or patterns. Roses, water lilies and other flower shapes. Shaped like starship toys with multi colour light displays. Just drop in the pool the the Jelly fish shaped lights which like the other floating swimming pool lighting you switch on and enjoy. Some of these type of lighting give a disco effect on the bottom of the pool.