Women everywhere choose different ways to deal with their periods. With so many menstruating women worldwide, the choices they make can have a huge impact on the environment around them. So how do you make periods green? Don't worry I'm talking Eco friendly, here - not worrying rainbow periods! A moon cup or menstrual cup is a great place to start, but not the only option.

It is not possible to dictate how every woman should manage her monthly period. Each body and mind is different. Some women experience extremely heavy periods, whilst for others flow is minimal. In addition, whilst some women are perfectly happy with a tampon others find this intrusive method of managing periods completely unacceptable. But, whether you're a tampon or a towel kind of woman, you can do your bit to make your periods a little 'greener'.

First of all, those ladies using tampons regularly have two ways of reducing the impact of your menstruation on the planet at large.

Firstly, avoid applicator tampons. Really, the addition of several extra plastic tubes, and additional packaging for each and every tampon is quite inexcusable. Non-applicator tampons take a little getting used too. About as much, as the applicator tampon did when you first started using that. So, have a little practice session, and ditch the applicators for good.

By avoiding applicator tampons we would stop the 170,000 plastic tampon applicators which washed up on US shores in 1998 alone!

Secondly, why not avoid tampons altogether and opt for something far less wasteful? Reusable menstrual cups have been around since the 1920s, and are, at last, becoming more commonplace. There are several brands on the market. But, whether you choose a Moon Cup, Keeper Cup or Diva Cup, the principle is the same. You make one purchase that should last between five and ten years. That replaces an awful lot of tampons.

All menstrual cups follow the same basic design, a silicon or latex cup that is inserted into the vagina to catch the monthly flow. When choosing which to buy, the options are very minimal - mostly it's about the colour!

Reusable pads are growing in popularity, and rightly so. After all, it's not like we're all chained to the housework and need to wash everything by hand anymore. So, using washable pads is actually no chore on your part - your washing machine deals with anything you're too squeamish to confront. When you think how many sanitary towels are flushed or sent to land-fill each month, let alone each year of your menstruating life, you can see how helpful opting for reusable products really is.

If you currently use tampons it really is worth trying out a Moon Cup or other menstrual cup. They take the same amount of 'getting used to' as your tampons originally did, and as well as making your periods more environmentally friendly, they save you a lot of cash.