Trying new hair styles can be difficult if yours is very fine or straight.  My daughter deals with this issue.  Her hair is beautiful but fine and very straight.  It can be hard to change it up for a night out.

She told me that she would sometimes like to look a bit more “fluffed” for when she goes out somewhere special without a ton of hairspray or other sticky products.  One hairdresser who did manage to get hers up into a bun had to use a ton of clips and a can of hairspray just to make it stay as hers was so slippery and fine.

He warned her on her way out of the salon to stay away from open flame!  It took days to get it out afterwards.  So this is why we are so excited about this new product on the market to give your thin or lifeless mop some body and fluff.  It is called Moon Dust Hair Texturizer.

If you want volume and the appearance of thicker yet a natural look then this matte texturizer product is something that is worth trying.

It is actually a powder that you put on your scalp and then simply work in with your hands and it instantly thickens without stickiness and allows you to fluff it.  You work this into dry hair.

You could turn your head upside down after using this product and work it in, then lift your head up and see the volume already.  You can style it anyway, and you can’t tell there is product in your hair at all.Hair Texturizer

Moon Dust Matte Texture and Volumizing Powder
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(price as of Aug 22, 2015)

Texturizing Hair

You don’t have to put this product on your entire head, you can also pull it back into a pony tail and then add this to the pony tail to give it volume and really pop.

It washes out easy and can be used anytime.  This is a really cool product for anyone that wants an instant boost in their volume or to do a quick styling.

If you were going somewhere after work and there was no time to wash and style, you can add this Moon Dust texturizer and get an instant “updo” or whatever look you were going for.  Add a bit more makeup and you are ready for a night out and look amazing.

Hair textures are fun and quick.  There is so much more that you can do now with fine or straight tresses.  The fluffed look is really hot right now, and it is simply done by fluffy your hands through your tresses once you add this product.

You may not need very much of it, it all depends on the style you want.  It also works great at creating depth or height on top of your head.

This can instantly change your look, which is perfect for that night out.  So no more spraying a can of hairspray or piling on the gel to try and get the look you want.  No more crunchy curls either!

This Moon Dust looks natural.  It is something you might want to keep with you at all times as you never know when you may want a “boost of volume” No more bad hair days.

You can get this in drug and beauty stores but you can also get it online with Amazon.  Would make a great gift idea too.