What Exactly Are Moon Shoes?

Moon shoes are a very popular kids toy. There were released a few years ago by Nickelodeon, the kids television cartoon broadcaster.

There is a show called Double Dare, which kids love. It's a game show in which lots of kids partake to play kids games. They have to beat each other fair and square in all sorts of games.

One such game was doing a race on moon shoes. Subsequently, moon shoes became the greatest hype that the world has ever seen. Well... the world of kids toys, at least.

Moon shoes are strapped to a kids' feet, after which he or she gets the sensation of walking on the moon.

Watch A Video Of The Moon Shoes In Action!

How Do They Work?

These shoes are basically fit with a very small trampoline, which can easily create upwards lift by jumping up and down a little.

It makes kids feel like they can defy gravity and they just absolutely love it. These shoes are the closest that you kid will ever get to becoming an astronaut.

Unless he actually becomes an astronaut when he grows up. In that case, I will swallow my words.

There's a lot more to be ready about popular kids toys such as moon shoes and other stuff. So all you have to do is perform a search and you're sure to learn all you can about what's currently all the rage.

A Couple Of Kids Having Loads Of Fun With Moon Shoes!

moon shoes

Are They Safe For My Kid?

Some parents have expressed concern that moon shoes might pose a thread to their kids' health.

While it's true that these shoes will have your kid bouncing up and down a lot, there isn't much risk of your son or daughter becoming serious injured.

There have been a few reports of sprained ankles, but not much more than that. No broken bones as far as I've been able to find on the web.

The adjustable straps on these shoes will make it so that your kid stands in them sturdily and doesn't fall over very easily.

They have anti slip soles, which makes them even safer.

Furthermore... the reality of the situation is that far more kids get way more serious injuries from existing activities such as rolled blading.

When your kid is playing with moon shoes... some bruising and chafing may occur. But not much more serious than that.

Your kid is still responsible for his own health though!

Where Can You Buy Them?

Usually, I do all of my shopping for kids toys online.

I find that Amazon has the best offer and the cheapest as well.

What I have also noticed that Amazon has a few other shoe toys for kids that they're going to like.