Moon Dough


The Moon dough is surprisingly light weight. It has a very light texture and is very easy for little hands to handle. I even got into the squishing of the Moon Dough, because it's texture was too much to resist. There was quite a bit of Moon Dough in the package. I was suprised, but being so light weight I would not have realized by just picking up the package. The little plastic diner was a constant source of amusement for my son. The little door was easy to shut and the handle easy to crank. Crank it all the way over and out comes the Moon Dough hamburger! You have to teach your little one to shut the door prior to tunring the crank, other wise it will not shut. My little guy got the hang of it quickly and everytime the hamburger popped out was like a new surprise. aeven putting the dough in the molds was easy. The dough was easy to get out and trim up in no time.


There were A LOT of complaints on my other site about how crumbly the Moon Dough was. Yes I can say first hand it was a little crumbly, but no that bad. It is not Playdough so it is not moist. This is a completely dry compound. However I was able to pick up the crumbs with other pieces of Moon Dough. It was no problem. Make sure you are providing your child a flat table surface to play on. I wish Moon Dough would have kicked up a notch and supply the kit with ziplock bags instead of tear open bags. But no biggie, I provided it myself And as with any other dough and little ones you run the risk of two colors becoming one color. You'll have that.

Full Review

I was very skeptical about purchasing a Moondough product. I had written an article about it on another site and had gotten many bad reviews form parents. But while in the toy store I could not resist thte pleas of my little , especaily when he reiterated the claim, But mom it never dries out. Because the cost was not much I begrudgingly put this product into my cart.

I have to say I was surprised by this product. I had written about it before and recived serveral bad reviews from parents about it. I bought the small reasonably priced toy just to make up my own mind. Like I said before I was surprised. First the little dog house that provided a mold for the hamburger was smaller than I thought. It was big enough to fit in an adult's hand. Two packages of the Moon Dough came with the kit and three molds, a french fry container, a coke cup with straw and piece of pie. ( my son is convinced the pie is a piece of pizza)

In Closing

Overall the Moon Dough Diner is fun. My son loved playing with it and even shared with his friend. The mess is not that bad and the texture of the MoonDough itself is pretty neat. If you are not sure about then try an inexpesive Moon dough Toy like the Moon Dough Diner. You might be pleasantly surprised. I think Santa might be bringing some more this Christmas!