The term Made in Maine is a slogan used by many businesses in Maine to represent the origin of their products.  When you think of Maine in Maine, you might think of handcrafted wooden products, leather soled shoes, or even lobster. Though the lobsters are off the shores of Maine, they are often included in photos of Maine branded products.  Many will proclaim Maine lobster to be the best tasting lobster on Earth, yet, many are not aware that origin of their precious delight was marketed as Maine lobster because the term "Massachusetts lobster" is too much a mouthful for marketing purposes.

The term “Made in Maine” is included in a trademarked logo by Hancock Lumber Company of Casco, Maine.  Hancock Lumber provides a variety of raw building materials, as well as, finished goods.  They registered their trademark in 2010 through the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO).

Eastland Inc. of Freeport, Maine, has been crafting their “Made in Maine” collection of shoes since 1955.  They create hand-crafted moccasin style shoes using rugged leather soles and rawhide shoestrings. Their shoes are not to be confused with the plastic soled Sperry Topsider moccasin.

Many other businesses use the slogan to add personalization to their marketing efforts and highlight quality of craftsmanship of their products.  Others use the slogan to highlight the origin of their raw materials.  And others will produce products that they want the world to know that an old geezer huddled around a woodstove in the cold hills of Maine potentially froze to death while making this precious item.  

The State of Maine, Department of Economic & Community Development, has developed a website to promote Made in Maine products.  Their site list over 2,000 companies that produce everything from jewelry, to hand crafted furniture, to soap and candles.  Their website lists over 460 gift items, over 250 apparel items, and over 110 jewelry items for sale. This site is a great illustration of the diversity of products produced and sold in Maine.

Moose Poop Earrings

Moose Nugget EarringsOne item that has been labeled as Made in Maine is Moose Nugget Earrings.  Yes, these little darlings are “hand crafted” in Cumberland, Maine.  The product has become so popular they have expanded their line to include a necklace, bracelet, and even a pendant to remember your trip to Maine.  Their products are sold on eBay and other niche websites.

Moose NuggetCredit: Qfamily, CC by 2.0, FlickrOne important feature of this unique Maine in Maine product is their Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies each purchase.  Yes, indeed, the definition of Made in Maine has taken a new level of authenticity by declaring not only were these products "hand crafted" in Maine, but they will “authenticate” the origin of their raw materials (the nuggets) that were harvested in the woods of Maine. 

I am not sure if their authenticity claim includes a micro-encoded label applied to each nugget via a laser, but hey, if you store these family gems in a Bank of Maine safe deposit box, you will likely be able to pass these family heirlooms to your favorite whinny grandchild upon your passing - without ever having to hear them complain about their inheritance.