Don't Let Them Get it Twisted

How will they be able to choose?
Credit: Photography by THE CEO OF MY LIFE

Imagine this you are in a place today and a few years you will move to a new and different place. How will you get there? Will you just show up? Will someone just take you?  Will you be beamed up like a Star Trek character? Of course the answer is no to each one. No one is going on our journey with us. Someone may go aside of us, but it is our journey.

Give Them a Realistic Shot in Life

Children have a whole lifetime of journeys to encounter. The early ones are the most critical. They are the foundation.  Why not make them impactful? Why not enable them to encounter the journey with truth and understanting?  The point I am making is this: "Teach Children About Life's Choices and Circumstances Before They Find Themselves in Them". I call this a "MORAL VACCINATION".

When we do not want our children to get diseases, we have them vaccinated.  In a vaccination, the disease is actually administered.  I am not saying actually expose your children to the dangers in life.  I am saying educate them about them in some realistic, meaningful way that they get a picture of how others have made good and bad choices and the outcomes of those choices.

A LIFETIME Experience

When my daughter was 8, we used to watch a lot of LIFETIME movies. I really liked those because there were real-life stories, most of them ended in tragedy, but they were TRUE. They really happened. It is unrealistic for us to go through life with blinders on to most of what happens in this world. We don't need to see everything, yet we do need to see relative things.

If a person lives where danger is lurking, don't you know that they should at least inform others who live there or come to live there of where they are? I am a person who walks in faith. I can't do much about what I cannot see.  What I can do is what I believe is right. The thing about not knowing about a thing at all increases my risk of encountering it and making the wrong choice.

Prepare your children for life. Don't over shelter them so much that they do not know what is going on until they find themselves in it. Eight years old could be too young for your child to watch real life movies. If not at 8, when?  Do not wait until your children are 13, 16 or even 18 to tell them what is going on outside.  They will be exposed in some way and they will have to choose whether they have knowledge or not. What would you prefer, a child who knows how to react from teaching or a child who has to react from the lack of knowledge?

We must educate our children, in time, about life. We must instill wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It does not just happen for the most part. We must do our part as parents and give our children a proper, balanced opportunity to embrace life with courage and insight. We must give them a MORAL VACCINATION.


How will they choose?
Credit: Photography by THE CEO OF MY LIFE