Moral dilemma: Unwanted Christmas Gifts

A gift is a gift. At times a gift is just not a gift, as a result, a lot people want to do away with their unwanted Christmas gifts. Is it immoral to sell an unwanted Christmas gift?

It all depends on the person who gave you the unwanted Christmas gift. That is to say, will the person really be offended if he or she were to find out that his was in the list of unwanted Christmas gifts? The answer is most likely "YES". It also depends on the type of unwanted Christmas giftt you have been given. If it is a shirt, tie, household items, you are really stuck because you have to show that you are at least using and appreciating the gift. You can probably get away with selling an unwanted Christmas gift, if the person who gave it to you doesn't visit that often. If you live in the same house, then you have a moral dilemma of not only accepting the unwanted Christmas gifts.

Technology has made things easier for most of us. The internet is a great place to wheel and deal. Where can you sell your unwanted Christmas gift?

If you know enough about the internet and you are reading this, you would have heard about E-bay or Craigslist. They are not the only online sites where you can flog your unwanted Christmas gift. If you cannot be bother to go through the hassle of online selling, you can always look around where you live in search for shops willing to buying unwanted Christmas gifts. If all your effort fails, there are a number of charity shops that will be more than happy to receive your unwanted Christmas gift. You can rewrap your gift and pass it on to someone else as a new gift

At times you can ask for a particular gift you would like for Christmas. What about asking for money? Can you ask for money for Christmas instead of useless unwanted Christmas gifts?

There is no problem in asking. You can always ask for money instead of unwanted Christmas gifts. However, you must be prepared for rejection. The aim of giving is not about asking but about receiving. That is why there are a lot of unhappy people during Christmas. They are all waiting to receive things they don't want or need. Unwanted Christmas gifts are making some people rich(E-bay and Craigslist). You are just not part of the fortunate ones.

A lot of people dread the end of the year. It is like the end of the world all over again. Why do Christmas gifts make so many people unhappy?

Predictability is the problem. During the Christmas festival period, everyone is expecting something. There are those who are often expecting to receive unwanted Christmas gifts. Most people are already prepared to be disappointed. Others are sad because they get the same useless, unwanted Christmas gifts every year. Many are worried because they cannot afford to give, so they give grudgingly. There are those who buy useless unwanted Christmas gifts in the hope that their friends and family will tell them to stop "giving".