Stores like and Home Decorators Collection are wonderful stores to purchase alternatives to the typical entertainment center. The super big and super imposing entertainment centers of the past have gone out of style. They are not only space wasters, but are very difficult to move if you want a change of pace or if you are moving to a new home or apartment. There are great alternatives that can replace the entertainment center, such as:

Glass Multi-Shelf Tower

Glass is always classy when it comes to home decor. It never goes out of style and as long as you don't purchase a glass entertainment center with very pronounced embellishments, like bold or loud colors or designs, your glass unit will go with just about any decor. You can always accentuate a glass multi-shelf tower with color or the style that you prefer. Whether you're into traditional or modern, country or classic, you can deck out a multi-shelf glass tower to fit your style. Glass also allows you to showcase the latest in your entertainment center. Another unexpected benefit to the glass multi-shelf tower is that you'll be more cognizant about keeping it and the items it contains as clean as possible.

Modular Shelving

Modular furniture is always cool and now with modular shelving, you can create, take down and re-create an entertainment center that not only fits your current electronics, but even your current mood. Modular furniture is furniture that can be moved and/or stacked in different ways. The pieces are not attached permanently and that makes for a style all your own. Whether you have a lot of electronics to house or a very modest entertainment system, you can create a modular system to showcase the system just so.

Single Shelf Units

If you're just starting out and you only have a television and/or music system, you don't need a lot; in fact, you're better off with a simple entertainment center. There are single shelf units that are very attractive and inexpensive for those just starting out. You can usually buy a single shelf unit in a color that suits your decor. Single shelf units are also very easy to move or re-position and therefore allow for re-decorating in a snap. If you don't have much in the way of electronics, you can highlight them much better if you only have a single shelf unit. It need not be dull; you can find an embellished or decorated single shelf unit that matches your style and taste.

There are lots of attractive entertainment centers to choose from that won't break the bank or cause back injuries simply from trying to put them together. However, if you need to house a lot of electronics, there may be no other option than to buy a full fledge and very large entertainment center. Just make sure your design is modest and it will go with any decor (and can be used for many years).