Need a little extra money?

Good fits for retirees

It seems most of us can use some extra spending money these days, no matter what our age.  It can be even more important as you reach retirement age.  
The ideas here actually are appropriate for any age.   Time, temperament and availability often make it a more natural fit for the Over 50 or retired crowd.  And actually if your spouse is available too, the ‘jobs’ can be fun, something to do and enjoy together.  Getting two for the price of one is a bonus to those hiring you.
Many retired people I know enjoy working together, Especially with some of these ‘jobs,’  since many of these aren’t exactly work.  Babysitting, for instance, is just plain fun if you love children. 
Give these ideas some thought.  Whether single or as a couple, you may find them a good fit for your time and experience. 
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Pet or House Sitting

Great for a single or a couple

As a senior you are in a unique position that would enable you to stay in someone’s home while they are gone.  I think this is a great job for a couple!  When our family had dogs, we never boarded them.  We always preferred to let them stay in their own home.  Having a mature person, who would be happy to stay home more of the time would have been ideal.  You wouldn’t be leaving the pet alone all day while you were at work, you would be less likely to be out at night for that time, and would be experienced at dealing with a house and pet. 


Actual Babysitting

I call this a win/win/win

Do you have grandchildren?  Do you enjoy watching them?  If so, you might be a wonderful choice of a babysitter for young parents.  Don’t you think many parents would appreciate the patience and experience of a senior over the often used teens? 
How much more fun if there are two of you to entertain and care for one or more children.  You wouldn’t necessarily charge more (though a per child increase would be appropriate), but offer two for one price. You can hang out and play together, offer the parents the responsibility that comes with age, and give the kids a chance to spend time with ‘temporary’ grandparents.  


Small Handyman or Cleaning Jobs

Odd and ends are always needed

Most retirees have years of experience fixing ‘this and that.’  And many single people, women, seniors, disabled souls, could use a little help.  From cleaning out rain gutters to patching holes in walls, there are a ton of little projects.  As a single person, it often seems unnecessary to hire a contractor or a more expensive handyman to do many of the little ‘to do’s.’  If you can step in, for a more reasonable cost, you can have the reward of helping someone in need, saving them money, and being productive at the same time.  It’s a great way to put your life-lessons to good use.  Even changing out florescent light bulbs can be of help at times!  
Small cleaning jobs would fit in here too.  Some seniors might like help cleaning drapes, vacuuming, doing laundry, or even dusting the high spots.  Sometimes cleaning odds and ends are just what is needed. 
Painting projects too would be other possibilities for the handy.   Often someone is interested in getting one or two rooms painted, or something that might take a day or less.  If you have the interest, this is one idea that would be great for a couple, though certainly handled by one. 

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Garage Sales

Moving out of a home, from start to finish

This is perhaps one of the more unique ideas.   If you have a love of garage sales and some extra energy, there is a rising need for help with garage sales.  Often when seniors become ill, it requires a rather sudden move for them.  When an illness puts them in a position when they can no longer live alone, the senior moves into an assisted living residence.  Even if there is family nearby, the home they have lived in, possibly for decades, usually must go up for sale.  
You can offer help with that process.  A first step might be to contact a consignment/antique store that will come out and appraise what is of value.  In our case, the store owner inventoried and took what she thought would sell.  We were then left with a three bedroom house full of goods.  The store had a couple who would deal with the rest for a percentage.  They would sort, throw, or set aside everything left, then hold a garage sale.  After the sale they would give away or dispose of what was left, then clean the house.  That is such an enormous task for family members sometimes, they are grateful to have the help.  If the family lives far away, it is even more helpful.
You might contact consignment stores and associate with them. If it is a new idea to them, I bet it will be one that is of interest.  Families in this situation can really use the start-to-finish help. Notify your church or other churches you are available.  Contact assisted living facilities to offer your services for new residents moving in.   Advertise in local free papers, deliver flyers to real estate offices.  
All of these ideas offer aid and relief to families in a huge and reassuring way.  It's a rewarding feeling to satisfy such a need.

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