Fight bad breath and get your friends back with simple home remedies

Here you can find more information on home remedies for bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath is one of the most common personal health problems and it can be seriously embarrassing and damaging to your dating and social life. You can fix bad breath, just try some of these simple, but effective home remedies. Don't worry or get overly paranoia about your stinky breath, and don't give up and simply avoid close contact with people. If you practice good oral hygiene, eat the right food and avoid the wrong food and visit your dentist at least twice a year, lovely fresh breath will happen.

1. Drink more water. When the mouth is dry and there's little or no saliva, bad bacteria can thrive. That's why you get morning breath, because your mouth was dry and lacked saliva as you slept. The drier your mouth, the more your breath is likely to smell. Dry mouth bad breath is in fact a recognized medical condition. People who snore or breath with their mouth open tend to have drier mouths and thus stinkier breath. Drinking water regularly can keep a good moistness in your mouth which keeps the harmful bacteria out.

2. Cut the cigarettes. We all know that cigarettes can cause serious diseases, but they can also cause disgustingly stinky breath too. That's because cigarettes can prevent saliva flow and dry up the mouth and we know that without saliva, bacteria can grow quicker. Tobacco may also make sinus conditions worst and contribute to a sinus condition called post nasal drip bad breath. In addition, cigarettes can cause gum disease which can lead to infections which cause bad breath. And then there's the tobacco residue which may be left on the insides of the mouth, the surfaces of the teeth and tongue.

3. Cut the caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that can make you want to urinate more frequently and this in turn may flush water out of your system leading to a drier mouth.

4. Don't use mouthwash containing alcohol. Alcohol, like caffeine is a diuretic and can cause your mouth to dry out quicker. There are newer, better mouthwashes out on the market now which are alcohol free.

5. Eat low-fat sugarless yoghurt. A Japanese university study showed that a diet that contained regularly amounts of low fat sugarless yoghurt produced double digit drops in mouth odor.

6. Brush your teeth regularly and well, and don't forget to floss as well. Bad breath is often caused by food rotting in the gaps in your teeth. Brush your teeth regularly, and don't forget your tongue, and floss at least twice a day as well to clear your mouth of any food particles.

7. Avoid garlic, onion, cheese and spicy food. Stinky food can directly be linked to stinking breath.

Hope you've enjoyed this article and found it useful. Keep going in your efforts to fix bad breath. Cures are at hand and some may be cheap, easier and more effective than you might think. Click here if you wish to read the first article in this series: home remedies for bad breath.

Fix bad breath by brushing regularly and properly