When it comes to French doors their beauty is undeniable. And it is that beauty, which is accented by the curtains that drape the doors. Numerous types of fabrics, styles and methods can be used on the curtains for French doors and here we will expand on this further.

Curtains for French doors come in an wide selection of fantastic fabrics and styles. Mottled or printed, cotton or lace, metallic or opaque fabric; it is choices like these that you will have to deal with when choosing your curtains.

Sheer curtains are often used to emulate a traditional window arrangement for your doors and semi opaque also fall into this category. These curtains can be hung from the front of two parallel rods, allowing the curtains on the back rod to be seen through that fabric. Ordinary cotton or metallic curtains are perfect choices for the back rods. These French door drapes in a bold solid color would ordinarily scream at their audience but when accented with opaque fabrics pleasantly draw the eye.

If we are not attempting to achieve a traditional look then we might go for an hour glass effect. This happens when the folds of the curtain are tied from the middle. In this way it looks as if we have a curtain in the shape of an hour glass. Metallic, mottled and printed fabric suit this particular style the best. We could even experiment with this concept and invent more innovative or attractive ideas. For instance, arranging the French door curtains in such a way that an hour glass is formed with the top half being a different color and/or texture than the bottom half.

Now do not forget, measuring the dimensions of the windows is of prime importance here. We should always plan to get curtains which are a few feet or so longer than the dimensions of the actual window, in order to create designs and have a layered effect. If you choice to ignore this point you will end up with what I like to call the sheet curtain style. As the title implies your curtains will look like giant sheets hanging from your ceilings. A very bad choice, indeed.

As we can see there are a wide array of choices to be made pertaining to your French door curtains. And if it has not hit you yet, it would be and excellent idea to match the curtain's look with the surrounding setup and décor.