American Flag (18548)For the fiscal year 2010, the United States government is offering grants for around 20,000 scholarships, 30,000 private foundations, 25,000 state programs, and 1,000 federal programs – and a significant number amongst all those are government grants for women. As a matter of fact, 57 various Federal Agencies are administering about 1500 programs on Government Grants. As each day wears on, thousands, if not millions, of dollars are being provided as government grants to lots of needy people all over the country. The reasons and nature behind the grants may vary from business ventures to personal or domestic needs. What is more, a US citizen can even apply for as much grants as he or she wants, and many people are not even aware of this fact. For example, a certain person may get a grant worth $25,000 to fix up his or her home, a grant worth $45,000 to start his or her own business, and another grant to cover for his or her debts. The best thing about this is that government grants do need to be paid in return.

As mentioned above, a significant number of all the US grants are government grants for women. Why? This is because the government supports the bid for gender equality, thus they provide government grants for women to support them. For the longest time, women have been fighting a continuing struggle for gender equality in the society. Yes, they have made good progress, but many women are still relegated to lower paying posts, and some are even prejudiced in the workplace. According to US government statistics, 75% of all the women in the US earn less income than men counterparts, whenever fulfilling the same profession or trade. Government grants for women are created and designed to aid in the lessening of this inequality by giving women more opportunities through government financing.

Government grants for women are provided for a variety of reasons. Some of them are to:

  • Subsidize family or personal need
  • Subsidize a household with low income
  • Expand and improve a business
  • Start a new venture or business
  • Pursue furthers studies in higher education or college

During these times, more and more women are receiving government grants and establishing their own companies. Most of them are becoming influential and powerful forces in their respective industries. According to recent statistics, women comprise almost half of the total population of business starters for every year. Moreover, the statistics show that the businesses started by women are more likely to grow and succeed than those businesses started by men. If the only thing that is stopping a woman from starting a woman from beginning a business venture is lack of capital, well, her money problem could be resolved through government grants.

Some of the government grants for women who intend to setup a new business are The Amber Grant and The Women's Financial Fund. Meanwhile, some of the grants which provide financial help to women pursuing higher education are the AAUW or The American Association of University Women, and The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant.