What is Pho.to?

Pho.to is another free online photo editing site wherein you can create more than 1,000 amazing photo effects, collages and frames.  In this site editing your photo is fun and easy. You can also make greeting e-cards and you can add custom text on it. There are many services Pho.to offers so let us see what are they.  

Photo Enhancement


Editor.Pho.to is a free and handy online editor for easy enhancement. You can edit, crop, rotate, resize and correct pictures with just one click.  You can also apply artistic effects, enhance portraits and many more. You can put text and watermarks on your pictures. You can redo and undo the actions made if you do not want the editing or effect that was done on your picture.


Makeup.Pho.to is an automatic photo retouching. It can remove red eye, make your skin smoother, whitens your teeth, removes blemishes and adds a special touch to your photo with just a couple of clicks away.  Even if it is a group picture, all of the faces on that picture will be enhanced.

Enhance PhotoCredit: Enhance Photo


Enhace.Pho.to is an online photo enhancement in one click. It is one of the services of Pho.to that fixes common digital imaging problems. It corrects color and saturation; removes red eye and digital noise, sharpen and removes blurriness in your pictures quickly and efficiently. It is really simple and easy to use. You do not have to waste your time editing and fixing your pictures because it can be done in less than a minute.

Enhance PhotoCredit: Enhance Photo

Fun Generators


Funny.Pho.to is a fun photo effects, photo frames and photo filters online for free. It is another service of Pho.to that you can use to experiment and have fun with your photos with their collections of amazing photo effects.

You can create 138 effects from their Photorealistic Montages.  The templates they create are really fun to explore. You can put your picture in an old book, in a paper rose, birthday cake, birthday balloons, bubbles on the beach or sky, medallion, in the mall, balloon, red Ferrari, hologram, in a bookstore, wedding lock, reminder stickers, billboard, etc.    

There are 59 templates available for Face Photo Montages that you can choose from. Be a celebrity or a movie star, gangster, motorcyclist, soldier, boxer, tank man, cupid, skier, iron man, hulk, astronaut, Rambo, fireman, goal keeper, Zeus, gymnast, Mona Lisa, terminator, ninja or even a prince charming.     

In Headwear, they have 8 templates to choose from. The Red and Blue Santa Hat, King Crown, Russian Snow Maiden, St. Patrick Day Hat, Elf Hat, Winter Headband and Antlers Headband.

There are 11 Human to Animal Montages, if you want to see your face if you become a tiger, rabbit, lion or bird, try this photo effects in Pho.to.

Human to Animal Montages

14 Stylized Effects for this category.  Style your picture to Old Photo, Rain Drops, Vignetting, Old Style Black and White, Rain Effect, etc.

Washed out Edges, Semi Transparent Frame, Simple Edge, Rounded Border, Postage Frame, Stamp Frame are the six effects in Borders template.

You can convert your photos to sketch or apply painting effects using their 11 templates in Sketches and Paintings.

Want to see your picture in Magazine Covers like Glamour, Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, People, etc. They have 10 ready-made templates to choose from so it’s your choice on what magazine cover you would like to put your picture on.

You want to see your flag on your cheeks and at the background of your picture? You can do that in their Flags category which has 24 templates.

Celebrity Collages is one way of making you a big star even if it is just on the picture. Choose from 41 templates and your friends will surely be amazed.

Bored of plain backgrounds? In Background Effects, you can brighten your pictures with their 19 ready-made templates.

If you got many collections of your photos, you can choose from Templates for Many Photos and Shape Photo Collages to give those photos an amazing effects.

108 templates for Amazing Photo Frames and 58 Simples that you can choose from not only for adults but for kids as well. It is an ideal way for making e-cards and fun animations not only for holidays but also for everyday to give your picture an amazing effect.

Would you agree if I tell you that light is a very important factor when taking a picture? In Lightning Effects,you can brighten up your photos with their 7 templates.

In Color Filters and Fancy Photo Filters, you can create a mood and experiment on your photos. You can transform your photos into a more creative, artistic and fancy effects.

I am happy to see a 50 peso bill in their 13 Money Templates since I do not see a flag of the Philippines in their flag category. Start choosing your own currency and see your picture on it.

You can be a superman, Simpson, etc with their 7 templates in Cartoons category and you can create your own Zodiac frames with their 12 Zodiac Signs templates.

If want to look scary, you can scare your friends with their Monster Effects templates.


Cartoon.Pho.to is another service of this site that converts your photo to a cartoon and creates funny face animations. Choose from many emoticons with their face morphing effect that can make you smile, wink, become sad, etc. Face morphing can only be applied to portrait pictures.


Avatar.Pho.to can create a unique personal avatar from your photo online. There are more than 70 unique avatar templates that you can choose from. They have Emotion Avatars, Fun Slideshows, Collages, Bizarre Filters, Animated Mask Effects and Animated Frames. 

Photo Sharing


You can create interactive e-cards with your photos in Cards.Pho.to. Creating your personalized photo card is very easy with this site. You select a card, upload your photo, add a text and send your personalized photo card to anyone.  They have many templates to choose from according to events and celebrations.


Share Photo

You can upload multiple photos at once and get short shareable links in Share.Pho.to without registration. You can share it everywhere instantly. 


I think that Pho.to is really a good online photo editing site that is easy to work on. With so many beautiful and amazing effects to choose from, you will never run out of ideas and tricks to get your photos be noticed by your friends.