We all should learn from our mistakes. If you're into web design, you have the luxury of learning from the mistakes made by other web designers. If you own a website, take the time to check and analyze the content of your website to make sure it follows design "etiquette" and SEO rules.

Allow me to cite three bad web design ideas that most websites commonly (and unwittingly) use:

Inappropriate letter case

Using unconventional letter cases is excusable when you're engaging in casual conversations over the web (through email, chat or social bookmarking).

All Caps denotes rudeness. Using All Caps is like shouting through text and should only be used for emphasis.On the other hand, using all lowercase letters for all your text denotes low intelligence. If you have plans of building an authority site, try to avoid either of these, especially the use of lowercase letters for all of your website content. Failing to use the shift key appropriately will lead your visitors to view you as lazy – regardless of what your website has to offer.

Learn proper usage of the shift key. Be smart and practice good typing.

Typos and grammar errors

You don't have to be a "grammar Nazi" in order to be a good web designer. You do have to make sure that mistakes you make in spelling and grammar are at a minimum. Whether you like it or not, visitors will equate your spelling, grammar and punctuation with your intelligence, attention to detail and credibility. These are qualities people look for in a website when purchasing products online.

Some visitors can be forgiving, especially if your content is of exceptional quality. As an internet entrepreneur, you shouldn't be complacent about this. If your site content is riddled with too many errors, your visitors may start underestimating your capability to provide them with what they need. The impact of what you have to say will be altered beyond your control. With enough typos and errors, by the time your visitors get to the end of the page they may not remember what you have to say anymore. They'll only remember how badly you said it.

Learn how to maximize the use of spell checkers and if you can afford to, hire an editor to go through your content before they go live on your website. This extra step will spare you tons of bad headaches.

No marketing for the website

Most web designers and internet entrepreneurs have this "if you build it, they will come" mentality about their websites. There's no point in having a website that's not marketing – it may look pretty but it's not going to get you anywhere.

Why do you need to market your website? Of course, to let people know it's there! To let people know you are offering something they need. Web design and marketing are inseparable and intertwined. One cannot work well without the other.

Without marketing, you'll end up with a dead website. A website is like a town full of stores – they won't be able to sell anything unless people know the town exists on their maps. You won't be able to earn money at all unless you market your website – you can't sell any of your products nor can you earn money through ads.

You may not be able to design perfect websites but you can at least avoid making the web design mistakes mentioned above. Take the time to revamp your website if you have to. Rectifying these mistakes just might save your website from "dying".