Re-ranging your boards

It is good that you have many boards on Pinterest, but did you know that you can re-arrange those boards?  Yes you can.  Someone might ask why I would want to rearrange my boards.  One reason is that some boards are more popular than others.   You might want to arrange those boards to appear at the top of your Pinterest site.  Usually when a person views a Pinterest site, the row that they see first is the first row.  So this is the first impressions of your boards at a glance. I usually review and re-arrange my boards often.  You want them to see the best and most popular ones first.  To re-arrange your boards:

  1. Look at your Edit Profile at the top of your boards.  It is next to  the word   “activity” which is to your left and your number of followers is on the right.
  2.  Click on the re-arrange board to the right of edit profile.  You will see a check mark appear in the red box after you click on it.   You can then drag around your boards to reorder them.   Have fun doing this and find what works best for you.
  3. After you finish re-arranging just click on the check mark in the red box and you will see saved.


It is a rude awakening to discover a pin that you have pinned is link to a pornography or other distasteful site.

Be careful when pinning and repining.  When you repin another pinner’s picture, you need to check to see where that pin originated from.   You may ask why, because sometimes I have observed some of the website names have cursive names or pictures that are bordering on the edge of pornography.   Now if you happen to land on one that has a pornography site, Notify Pinterest  by clicking on the report pin, which will be on the right of that picture before you repin.  Sometimes their pin may take you to their site where you will see repins of abusive language quotes. Those are sites that I attempt not to  link to.   So before you repin a pin click on that pin and it will take you to where it originated from.

Key words

Keywords are important in describing your pin.  Search engines pick up keywords at the search area on Pinterest  in the upper left corner of the Pinterest board.  There is a small microscope that you click on.   So others that are looking for that particular subject will see your pin.  You can find keywords at Google or Google Keyword tools. Google Keyword is useful to freelance writers, but can also be useful with Pinterest too.  I use keywords in all of my articles and with all of my Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest Blog

If you have not visited the Pinterest blog, please be sure to visit when you are at the Pinterest site.  This blog helps you to keeps abreast of changes and new events occurring.     To visit the blog site, just follow the directions below:

  1.  Just click on the about drop down menu at the top of Pinterest on the right-hand corner.
  2.  Scroll down to blog and click on it.

 You also might see great pins there that you like.  There are new articles and pictures every month.  I find that Pinterest is a very exciting virtual pinboard. That is why I like Pinterest.

 Set Board Cover

This is very important setting the board cover of a pin board, because it is the first picture on the board that a pinner will see.  Although I discussed this briefly in my earlier Pinterest article, I did not mention  If you happen to get a lot of pins for a particular pin on your board, you want to set that as board cover, because apparently a lot of people like it. For instance you may have 1 repin from someone on one board, but on another board you get 19 or 20 pins.   You will probably get even more pins after you set the board cover.  To set or change your board cover, just click on your boards.  Hoover your mouse over the board that you want to set and you will see set board cover appear.  Click on set board cover, then click set board cover again which will be in red. You will see a message that comes up saying saved.  This will be the pin that the pinners see first when they come to your pins within that group of boards.

Repinning to several of your Boards

Depending on the categories you may repin some pins to more than one of your boards.   For example, I repinned my amazing apps board to my best article & books to read board, to my new technology board, and to my favorites board.  You are not limited to repining to one of your boards.

Repinning directly from a particular site

If you do not already have the Pinterest toolbar, which I have discussed in my earlier Pinterest article, know that many sites already have a pin button on that site.  You can actually use their pin button which is usually to the left or right of the picture you are pinning.

 Most Wanted Criminals on Pinterest

Emma Jacobs at tells about a crime reporter in Pottstown that started a crime gallery of mug shots of people wanted by the police.  He posted them on Pinterest.  This idea also, caught on in Philadelphia. They further added that Pottstown has seen a 57 percent increase in arrests.  This sounds good to me.    I am sure it will be catching on eventually in all the United States.  Just like police use Facebook to track criminals, Pinterest is the new social media to track those wanted by the police.  I am not surprised. So  do not be surprised if you come across a most wanted picture by the police on Pinterest.

Be creative.   Test and see what works best for you.  Remember these are your boards.  You will decide what you want and what you do not want there.  Explore your options.  If you come up with an idea, try it.  See how it works.  Good luck pinning.

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