For some people pets are just animals, but for most of us – our pets are our friends, companions and loved ones as well. The joy, happiness and sheer fun of having a pet enrich our lives, make us happier and for some even make us healthier to boot.

Having a pet though is more than just fun and games, it's also a responsibility. A responsibility that can quickly become a severe financial burden should something unfortunate or unforeseen happen to your pet.

When we think of ourselves and our family members, health insurance comes almost automatically. Depending on where you live in the world – it may be a necessity! For those countries without some form of socialized health care – health insurance minimizes the personal financial risk involved should one become sick or hurt.

What happens though if your pet becomes sick or hurt? Even in countries with socialized health care – pet insurance is not included. Should your pet become sick or injured, the financial responsibility for their care falls to you as their owner.

If you think about the multitude of illness and injury a human being can have, you start to get a feel for all the sickness and injuries an animal can have as quite frankly many of them are the same. Just as you can have arthritis and joint pain, so can your pet! Just as you can catch a virus that requires treatment, so can your pet!

If you can imagine your pet being hit by a car and all the medical treatment necessary to save their lives (blood work, X-rays, room and board, antibiotics, etc.) you can see how a single pet incident could cost you thousands. This is where pet insurance companies come in like More than Pet Insurance.

Like human medical insurance companies - More than Pet Insurance provides owners with medical insurance coverage for their pets. Companies like theirs help owner's field potentially expensive medical costs that may otherwise lead an owner to euthanize their beloved pet in lieu of expensive medical treatment.

Just as human health care insurers have varying levels of coverage, deductibles, prescription service, etc. so do pet medical insurers. For this reason alone owners should do their due diligence and shop around to find the insurer and coverage that will work well for them.

Perhaps you have one pet, or many – some may be young and some old. These will all be factors in determining whether to go with More than Pet Insurance or another pet insurance provider. Regardless of whom you choose the underlying choice is always the same. Protecting both you and your pets so you may enjoy a long and healthy life together!