The Moreshwar or Mayureshwar Temple is situated along the KarhaRiver in the Morgaon village in the Baramati Taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. This region is also known as the Bhuswananda. MoregaonVillage is said to have received its name as once upon a time the shape of this place was like a peacock and there was an abundance of peacock birds in this region. Literally Moregoan means 'Village of Peacocks' and is a combination of two words (more which means Peacock and goan which means village).As per the legend Lord Ganesh riding a peacock in the form of Mayureshwara slew the demon Sindhu in response to pleas from the Gods. This Shrine is the most popular of all the eight Ashtavinayak temples and looks like a tiny fort from a distance. This temple has four gates and is the first AstavinayakTemple to be visited when doing an Ashtavinayaka Yatra according to the Shastras.

The Moreshwar in Moregaon Shrine of Vinayaka was historically set up by Peshwa's of Pune and has a swayambu (self originated) idol. The idol of Mayureshwar is in the garbhagriha in which only the head priest of the Temple is permitted to enter. The deity of this Temple is three eyed and seated with his trunk turned towards the left. The eyes and the navel of the Mayureshwar are studded with Diamond Gemtones. On the head the Idol the fangs of Nagaraj can be seen. The deity is flanked by the idols of Siddhi and Buddhi, the consorts of Lord Ganesh. In front of the deity stand a mouse and a peacock. It is said that the original idol much smaller than what it seems to be because of the continuous anointing of the idol with Sindoor. The stone idol of Ganeshs vehicle Mouse and Shivas vehicle Nandi are other centers of attraction of this Temple.

The Moreshwar or Mayureshwar Temple is around 60 Kms from Pune and can be reached by road easily by private Transport or State Transport Buses. If traveling by Rail one needs to get down at either at Jejuri or at Nira and take a local transportation from there.