The Church of the Latter-day Saints is known for excommunication. There are of course people behind these excommunications and more important, there are people who are the center of the excommunication. Therefor an article with Mormon Excommunication Stories.

Mormon Excommunication

There are several mormon excommunication reasons, among them are:

  • Murder and other crimes. Attempts for these crimes are seen as 'serious transgression' and they are treated this way.
  • Incest and plural marriage. Although popular believes, these things are among the reasons of excommunication.
  • Apostasy. Apostasy is claiming you are speaking the doctrine of the Church while you don't. This is one of the biggest reasons for popular stories of excommunication. It includes more, as acting in public against the Church or its leaders.

In this article we will focus mainly on stories of Apostasy. Before excommunication there is actually a mormon excommunication process, as the stories will point out as well.

Mormon Excommunication Stories

Michael J Barret

The story of mister Barret is one of great interest. Michael J Barret actually disobeyed a direct order of on of the people above him. But there is a back story, of course.

In the Mormon history, there have been unpopular doctrines and this history is something which is  a long time ago and Latter-day Saints actually don't stand with them anymore. So Barret send in these doctrines among with letters to show the members that this is something of the past. The letters Barret sent were made public and this was not happily received with the stake President.

So Barret got a warning. His worthiness was revoked the first time, meaning he couldn't enter the Temple anymore. After asking what he had to do to regain his worthiness the stake president said: 'Agree to keep certain church doctrines and historical facts secret'. Barret said no to this, so he actually disobeyed. And this was the reason two men in dark suits came knocking on his door after the process with a letter from the stake president. He was excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

Sonia JohnsonMormon Excommunication: Sonia JohnsonCredit:

Another interesting story. Sonia was a Mormon feminist and an outspoken one. In the late 1970s she became a big supporter of the 'Equal Rights Amendment' (ERA). She also co-founded an organization 'Mormons for ERA'.

In that time, the Church of the Latter-day Saints was a opposed this amendment and when Sonia became a public speaker about the ERA, the excommunication proceedings began directly.

After two year, late in 1979 also Sonia received a letter of excommunication. This is because she actually denounced the position of the Church towards the ERA and this meant she was teaching false doctrine, going against the Church publicly. Not only did she denounced the position of the Church, she also blamed the church of immoral and illegal nationwide lobbying of the Church to prevent the passage of the amendment. And this was enough to seal her excommunication letter.

After her excommunication Sonia Johnson was still a popular feminist, speaking about feminism and writing about feminism as well. In her book 'From Housewife to Heretic' the process, and also the results on their love life, is fully explained.

Excommunication of the Mormon Church, or any church is a big punishment and is not done very often. I'm not here to draw any conclusions, so that I would like to leave up to you.