I still remember vividly when I was in school my mother often used to tell me to develop the habit of doing some kind of physical exercise in the the morning. She used say that when you jog or run in the morning your entire body gets charged up and the energy sort of flows all through you. I personally have an opinion that one feels at the top of the world after having a light morning jog. I cannot say how this can benefit you but for me this small tip has brought long term gains. 

I do not know whether you will agree with what my mother said so many years ago, but that small piece of advise has been a great mental as well as physical booster for me. All those years from my schooling to college and then in professional life, I have been in the pink of my health and that has been possible because of this wonderful tip that my mother gave me. 
Early Morning Workout Energizes You. 
Today I will love to elaborate on the multiple health benefits that a simple 30 minutes workout in the morning can bring about. I am sure that after you have read through my article you will be able to lead a healthy, disease free life. I am very sure about it that a morning workout will help you to enjoy all the goodness and pleasures of the world. You will never be bugged by problems like obesity, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure. 
I cannot say whether you'll get my logic or not but it's a fact that in the morning when you jog or run a lot of oxygen is taken in by your body. That way your body gets abundant fresh oxygen that enters your blood stream and through that gets distributed to all the organs. Your brain receives a message that everything is fine and thus you feel rejuvenated. 
When you work all parts of your body you are indirectly oiling your machinery and repairing any minor faults. A morning exercise routine helps to eliminate extra fat from your body. Some amount of fat is required for organs to work optimally but if fat is allowed to accumulate it can clog arteries and that is not a good sign. 
A morning workout boosts metabolism, your appetite increases, you feel hungry. It implies that you eat a hearty breakfast and thus your energy levels remain high all through the day. That means you become active, your immune system becomes sound and you become less prone to any viral or bacterial infections.
Guys/girls a daily morning workout is a sure shot way of overcoming obesity. Just follow a simple morning routine like running for 15 minutes or half hour jogging and you will see the results.