Moroccan Chandeliers are Unique and Exotic!

Morocco has one of the most charming and exotic cultures in the world. Located on the northwest corner of Africa, right across the pond from Spain, Morocco has an interesting blend of African, Middle Eastern, and European styles. And you can see all these influences in a Moroccan chandelier.


Who doesn’t love Casablanca? In fact, if you’re looking to add some Moroccan charm to your home, I’d recommend watching it again. It’s a desert climate, with big fans, turbans, and people carrying wicker baskets on top of their heads. I especially love the bazaar, in the scene where Humphrey Bogart saves Ingrid Bergman from being ripped off by a merchant.

You can almost picture the snake charmers, elephants, and camels!

Well, as you can see in some of these pictures, Moroccan chandeliers are some of the most uniquely Moroccan items out there. They tend to be colorful, including stained glass, with lots of intricate brass or ironwork. The holes in the chandeliers cause the light to be thrown out in a carefully designed pattern, resulting in moody light and a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.


Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to lighting than just seeing your way around. You want to create a feeling, a mood, an ambience. Overhead lighting is the worst for that! Overhead lighting casts light over everything. Where’s the shadow? Where’s the interplay between light and dark?

Moroccan chandeliers, however, create a positive vibe in any room. They’re also rare and exotic. I guarantee, if you add a chandelier like one of the ones in these pictures to your house, everybody will notice and you’ll get compliment after compliment.

Bonus points if you actually buy the chandelier in Morocco, or at least if it’s authentically from there. But even if it’s not, any chandelier in the Moroccan style will do.

Where Should It Go?

Where should you put your Moroccan chandelier? Over your dining table is always a good option. It can set the tone for all sorts of dinner gatherings and get-togethers. Or, if you have an entry-room, a foyer, this might be a good place too; it will give guests a great introduction to your home, and make them curious to see more.

The great thing about Moroccan-style interior decorating is that it’s so rarely seen in the United States. You’ll stand out for your sense of style, but also for your wide appreciation of different cultures. Maybe it will even inspire you to learn more about Morocco; you might end up finding that you really love it there!