Are you looking to add a little mystery or drama to your interior or exterior design? Moroccan-style lanterns may be just want you are looking for. Moroccan-style lanterns have a rich, exotic history and their design sense is a conglomeration of many cultures: African, Middle Eastern, and European.  They have a rustic feel, and yet they add a sense of otherworldliness. Their colorful stained glass and lamp shades bounce light in unique patterns around any space. Today, they are a popular choice among designers due to their style, economical price, and overall craftsmanship. Really each Moroccan-style lantern is a unique work of art, so adding some into your home design can add something special to your decor.

Moroccan-Style Lantern Shapes, Colors, and Lighting

Moroccan lanterns come in a wide choice of shapes and colors. The traditional Moroccan-style lantern uses tinted stained glass mixed with rustic tin or brass stylized metalwork. The Moroccan style lantern_bluemetalwork lattice patterns can be extremely intricate and even awe-inspiring. You will discover Moroccan-style lanterns shaped like stars, diamonds, and even rounded-corner ovals reminiscent of balloons.

Some Moroccan lanterns are only a few inches high, while others can dwarf even a human at seven feet tall or more. Two of the more popular colors used in Moroccan-style lanterns are blue and amber, though you'll discover that the color palette really ranges, covering a wide choice of looks for the buyer.

Moroccan-style lanterns traditionally are designed to hold candles - they were after all originally designed well before man harnessed electricity. You'll find that many Moroccan lanterns on the market follow this tradition, but there are some available that use simple electrical lighting fixtures. These are typically more expensive than their candle cousins. Many people also start a do-it-yourself project and wire Moroccan-style lanterns with simple electrical lighting fixtures. This can be a fun, cost-effective alternative.

Henna Moroccan lamps are another style of Moroccan lantern. They use shades made of leather (often from goats or sheep) that are then patterned using henna dyes. Henna Moroccan lamps also come in a variety of  shapes, sizes and colors - some very dramatic. The lamp shades of the Henna Moroccan lamps give any room's lighting a more subdued feel compared to stained glass Moroccan lanterns.

Where To Use Moroccan-Style Lanterns

Because of the wide variety of style choice for Moroccan-style lanterns, you'll want to first decide where you want to use them before making any purchase. The natural colors of your Moroccan style lantern_starchosen locations will make a big impact on the shapes and stained glass colors you end up choosing.

Moroccan-style lanterns are excellent choices for indoor or outdoor design. They can bring an exotic look to an outdoor patio or balcony, or they can add a sense of style to areas of the home which tend to be overlooked like staircases, bookshelves, floor corners, lobbies, and home entrances.

You can hang many Moroccan lanterns from trees to create a fantastical night-time scene. This, in fact, makes Moroccan-style lanterns very popular with special events like weddings and parties.

Because most Moroccan lanterns use candles, they also make excellent choices for areas of the home where relaxation is important. This could be a Japanese garden, a yoga studio, or a working den. Henna Moroccan lamps may particularly be a great fit for these locations.

Where To Buy Moroccan-Style LanternsMoroccan style lantern_multi color

Moroccan-style lanterns are very cost friendly, many starting at $7 or even less. In practice, the larger or more intricate the lantern, the more expensive it is. You can find Moroccan-style lanterns in a variety of locations online including, which may be the best alternative in terms of price if you are looking to buy Moroccan lanterns in bulk for a party or other special event. You can also find Moroccan-style lanterns in many home goods stores and even at local flea markets.