Morocco, on the north west coast of Africa, has a number of beautiful beach resorts. Because of Morocco's location, part of the country's coastline is set on the wild Atlantic coast, while the northenmost part of the country basks in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Agadir is probably Morocco's most famous beach resort. Set on the Atlantic coast, in the southern part of the country, there is everything a holidaymaker needs for a perfect holiday vacation. You can plan a luxury Morocco holiday and choose a luxurious Moroccan villa (known as a riad), to rent, and live the good life relatively inexpensively, when compared to western prices.

There are also a number of large hotels in Agadir, which are perfect for a Morocco beach holiday, or for a family holiday, including many hotels that offer all-inclusive deals at great prices. There are plenty of great restaurants, serving seafood, traditional meals and western food. You can buy grilled fish, freshly caught and on sale direct from the boat, or, if you prefer something adventurous, you can try a delicious Moroccan tagine or sample the best cous cous you've ever tasted at one of the many seafront restaurants. If you enjoy shopping, you can take a stroll around the Moroccan bazaar and haggle for goods, or enjoy a drink at one of many bars, while you watch the hustle and bustle of Morocco pass you by.

The Atlantic breeze ensures that the weather never gets too hot in Agadir – it's certainly warm enough to enjoy the Moroccan climate and get a great sun tan, but it's considerably cooler than inland Morocco, which, for travellers going to Morocco in summer, will be a welcome relief. Because of it's location, the sun shines all year round, making it a great destination at any time of the year. Day or overnight trips to nearby Marrakech, Essaouira and the Atlas Mountains are available.

Agadir airport is served by many airlines, or, you can pick up a taxi or hire car in Marrakech – journey time is around 4 hours.


Essaouira is a pretty, white-washed town, sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. A long, wide, sweeping sandy beach that seems to go on forever skirts the town, and the thermal currents make it a popular spot for watersports, such as kite surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. Each evening before the sun sets, groups of local boys gather towards the northern end of the beach to play barefoot soccer - guest players are always welcome!

Seafood is a staple of Essaouira food, and you can wander down to the quayside and buy fresh fish, grilled and served while you wait by the fishermen who caught it just hours ago. Alternatively, in the pretty town, you can wander down alleys and discover the most delicious authentic Moroccan restaurants – perfect for a bite to eat at any time of the day.

The town also features lots of stores selling locally made handicrafts, art and spices. Lose yourself while you wander around, and remember, haggling is the only way to buy these goods. There is an artsy, laid-back vibe in Morocco - the musician Jimi Hendrix was a regular visitor in the 1960's, and it's easy to see why.

Morocco vacation rentals of luxury villas and riads are plentiful in Essaouira. For those on a budget or looking for a family holiday, rooms in riads can be rented inexpensively, or there are a small selection of hotels on the seafront.

If you feel in need of a change of scenery, Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains are just a few hours drive away. Tours can be organised to go and see these and other sights.

Nearest major airport is Marrakech – transfer time approx 2 hours.

For more information on Essaouira, see my article here.


A very 'Moroccan' holiday experience, Mohammedia is where many Moroccans spend their summers to escape from the heat of the city. Just 24km north west of Casablanca, this is a popular Morocco beach resort. Every evening, as the sun sets, the Moroccans and their families will be out in force, promenading along the sea front - join in the fun!

Mohammedia features many luxury vacation rentals and new Moroccan property developments, so there is no shortage of wonderful places to stay.

When you're not enjoying the sandy beach, you can shop down Mohamed V Boulevard for all things Moroccan, or take a trip to nearby Casablanca or up to the country's capital city, Rabat.

Nearest airport – Casablanca – Transfer time – 20-30 minutes.


Asilah is similar in feel to Essaouira. A small, arty, creative town, this pretty Moroccan beach resort is in the north of Morocco, very close to Tangier, making it a perfect escape for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Villas are available to rent to holiday makers for just a few days or longer, with many modern apartment complexes lining the road to Tangier. Art fans will enjoy the many art exhibitions that take place throughout the year, and those less creatively minded will enjoy strolling through the shaded alleyways and exploring this pretty, seaside town. Fresh, delicious, local food is on offer through the town.

Nearest airport – Tangier – Transfer time – 30 minutes.

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