Morocco, Imouzzer: Paradise valley and the waterfall

Imouzzer1Credit: self

Sometimes when you travel, your still able to find beautifull places where there isn't someone who lives two blocks away from you back home. Just local people who are enjoying themselves spending time with their families.

In Morocco, approximately 60 kilometers north of the city of Agadir. There Is a place like that. It lies in the region of Souss-massa-draa. Where the famous Argan tree grows.The town is called Imouzzer. The local economy is build around Argan oil since this is the only region in Morocco where the Argan tree grows. But that's not why we are here.

Imouzzer is home to paradise valley and a spectacular waterfall.


How to get there?

If you are staying in Agadir you can find trips to Imouzzer at probably every tourist office in town. Strangely not a lot of people go there. But that might be because of the drive. Sixty kilometers does not sound like a lot. But in Morocco, it is. It took us about 2,5 hours each way. The road goes straight trough the mountains and isn't very pleasant. We had a small mini-van and the driver felt like he was Colin Mcrae. My advice to you, don't drink too much the night before. I did and it was quite a heavy ride.


The ride isn't all horror though. While driving trough the mountains there is the occasional breath taking view. Where you will be able to take a few photo's.And after seeing sand and rubble for the first hour or so. Out of nowhere you will suddenly see a palm tree forest down in the valley, Along side of a river. Very pretty. You will follow that same river all the way to Imouzzer.

Paradise valley

The road to Imouzzer goes straight trough the middle of paradise valley. A place where you can have lot's of fun. The water cut out the rocks in some places and created some nice pools to dive into.A lot of the local people come here to climb up on the ridges and jump off into the water. The water is really clear so you don't have to be scared of jumping on a the rocks. After some swimming you should move on because the best is yet to come.

Imouzzer2Credit: self

The waterfall, left or right?

Once you arrive in Imouzzer you will be taken to the bottom of the waterfall. Which is really gorgeous. But they take you there for a reason. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a restaurant, a hotel, a shop for souvenirs and another shop where they sell argan oil and show you how it is made. I think the drivers get a commission if you buy something. But hey, can't blame them can we? From there you have to move by foot. The first thing you will notice is that there are a lot of Moroccan families having picknick's which creates a really nice atmosphere.


When you start moving your way up to the waterfall there will be two options. You can take the left side of the river or the right side. The left side will lead you to the bottom of the waterfall. Along this path there will be a lot of Moroccan people trying to sell you souvenirs and argan oil. But they won't really bother you like in most other tourist places. Once you get to the end of the path your at the bottom. Here your able to stand in the water on the rocks looking up to the waterfall which is really cool. Note; you'll get wet. The right side is a bit more climbing which is logical since you will end up way higher. Once you get up there you will have a really good view on the waterfall.


Waterfall jumper

Almost everyday there is a bit of sensation at the waterfall. There is a man who makes a living from the waterfall. He strolls around making a lot of noise asking people for money. He claims that if they give him a few penny's he will jump off the waterfall. And he is not kidding. After all the noise and collecting his money he will go towards the cliff and perform a very dangerous jump. Apparently he has already done it a thousand times. Since he knows exactly where to land and how to jump. After jumping down he will climb straight back up and start the whole circus again.

I made a video of him jumping down the waterfall. And it will give you a good impression of the waterfall as well.

For me, if you visit the southwest of Morocco, Imouzzer it's paradise valley and waterfall are a must.


Waterfall jumper