Can you imagine the smell of freshly baked bread pervading your kitchen every time you step into it? Smell is a funny sensation, you can recall almost everything else, touch, a familiar sight, but some smells are just so distinct, that you don't even have a word to describe them. What does fresh baked bread smell like? Freshly baked bread. What does bread, made in a Morphy Richards breadmaker, smell like? One word, Divine!

Morphy Richards has been a premier manufacturer of kitchen appliances and other appliance, located near Mexborough, South Yorkshire. From its very inception, Morphy Richards had a keen interest, in improving the standards of living for the country's residents and globally, improve the kitchens of the world. When the company went into business, there were refrigerators and washer-dryers. Now, Morphy Richards specializes in making hair dryers, kettles, toasters, sandwich toasters, and of course the Morphy Richards Breadmaker and other appliances.

A breadmaker lets you make bread simply enough, you just add the water and the flour separately in a baking pan, with the instant yeast and the breadmaker does the rest. But the entire process, of mixing the ingredients, kneading, proving and baking to make the perfect loaf is not as easy as it seems. With a Morphy Richards breadmaker, your perfect loaf is just a breath away.

Some of the improvisations evident in a modern breadmakers are the collapsible kneading blades, which automatically drop down once the dough has achieved its proper consistency, leaving a smooth loaf which emerges without any unusual holes gouged in them. Other features, such as timers and programmable settings help you bake the kind of bread you want, when you want.

These and many more are incorporated in Morphy Richards designs, with breakthroughs including the Stainless Steel Fastbake Breadmaker, which can bake multiple loaf sizes of 1, 1.5, and 2 lbs, a 13 hour programmable timer and a choice of 12 settings, including the option to make cake and jams.

The Fastbake series lets you bake a loaf in around 70-80 min, with the Stainless Steel Fastbake assuring 70, on a one pound loaf.

Some glamorized breadmakers are also available, such as the Accents Stainless Steel Breadmaker, with homemade settings which let you make a personalized setting to get the same home baked goodness, every time you make a bake and a mounted LCD panel for easy customization.

All Morphy Richards breadmakers are compact and fit easy on a standard kitchen work bench. The pleasurable sights of baking are easily observed, through the viewing window and any additions, whether of raisins, sesame or any other fruits or nuts can be pre-programmed with an input signal, letting you bake bread to a light chewy, medium crunchy, or a dark crust.

Russell Hobbs, Prima, Kenwood they all make some great breadmakers, but Morphy Richards has some mental connect with modern day home makers, which makes their breadmakers so desirable, and appreciated! Whether it's the perfect size, or the speed or the plain old charm of making your own bread, in your favorite breadmaker, Baking your bread, in a Morphy Richards Breadmaker.