Moscato wine with excellent 'musky' flavor is known by different names: Moscato, Muscat and Muscadel are just few of the more popular names for this white wine. Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat and is mostly used for this wine all over the world.

Generally, people use moscato wine as sweet dessert wine. However, you can find a dry version if you look with little more purpose.

Just like its variety of names, moscato wine has a variety of flavors as well. In Australia, people turn it into sweet dessert. In some other parts of the world, people use orange moscato for dessert.

Moscato wine is made from moscato grapes, which are sweet in taste. These grapes also give us raisins and real grapes as snacks. However, their most popular product is still the wine with huge following around the world.

Moscato grapes are nothing new. In fact, they are one of the oldest varieties of grapes. Archeologists had believed that they are part of king Midas’ funeral as well. This conception settled into a fact once king’s burial mound was rediscovered.

Grapes are grown in California, Italy and Chile. In Chile, they are grown for table wine and in Italy they are grown as sparkling wines. In Spain, it is used for preparing sherry. In fact, only three grape varieties are legally allowed for this purpose and Moscato is one of them. Malaga is one of the largest Moscato producing regions in entire Europe. I am convinced Spaniards enjoy it more than any other nation.

Moscato wine has various uses other than sparkling wines. It is the base for many brandies and liquors. Metaxa and Pisco are among famous brandy-like drinks that use Moscato wine as base wine. These drinks are popular in Peru, Chile and Greece.

France is another country with notable moscato production. French generally love wine especially  white one. They have traditionally used moscato wine as a base for various wine varieties. Their love for it is obvious from their Moscato industry and its production size.

If you want to add moscato wine to your collection, you should prefer a drier version because of its easy storage. Nevertheless, you will still need a proper storage area before you buy the wine for storage. Thankfully, you can easily create such area in your house, if you have some space preferable in a cellar.

Before you add moscato wine to your collection, you should check its quality. It should have an aroma of grapes as wine wafts around the container.